Your Personality Type Is: Indianapolis Colts (The Pacemaker)

Pacemakers break hearts when they inevitably fail. Just like Indiana sports teams

At some formative point in their life, the Pacer Maker was horribly abandoned by a loved one. Perhaps it was an absent parent, the death of a young spouse, or a beloved mentor with repeated severe neck injuries. Perhaps they, themselves, are dead, leaving behind a pining widow. They always did put their own needs way above those of others.

This inherent sense of longing has shaped their entire existence. Needless to say, this is the most artistic personality type, it’s also the type that gets the most into heroin. Their biggest fear is dissociation, to lose their identity, or to never fully define their identity. You can always spot this type because they do not enjoy traumatic blows to the head and the associated memory loss.

These types are natural romantics, even if they are forever alone due to crippling depression. In fact, the weight of abandonment which perpetually holds them back leads to the development of “idealized” selves. These are the kids on the playground with uncles at Nintendo, girlfriends in Canada, and store-bought pubic lice to “prove” they have an active sex life.

In times of stress they tend to become the ultimate loners. Recluses living in squalor, because for some reason you can’t be both a recluse and clean yourself on the reg. It’s cripplingly ironic. If they can get the support they need, they can inspire with their unique artistic vision. But, success can’t smother the infinite nature of primal yearning, no matter how many times they convince themselves that this new person in their life will be just as good as the one that left them, if the new person could only stop being injured (Emotionally, that is, because this is still metaphorical.)

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