Four other things Cam Newton Finds Funny (When Asked By A Female Reporter) By Cam Newton

Things Cam Newton Finds Funny

Hey baby, Cam here.  I’m sure you all heard the Cam man’s apology yesterday, and I meant it.  Cam Man, the Superman sometimes says things without thinking, and for that Cam is sorry.

Cam is just out there, trying to have fun.  So when you slam Cam for his choice of words, just remember that Cam finds a lot of things funny.  Because Cam is a fun-loving guy.

Cam remembers this one time, after the Superman lost the Super Bowl.  People kept asking Cam why Cam lost, so Cam thought it’d funny to just answer in two word responses.  And when they started to get frustrated, CAM LEFT!!!  LMAO!!!!

Or do you remember that time the cops asked Cam to look at his laptop and when they left the room, he chucked it out the window?  Those cops were looking in the trash for hours!  LOL!

Cam comes from a long line of jokers.  Cam’s dad once told Mississippi State to pay him between $120,000 and $180,000 in unmarked bills or the Cam Man’s plan was gonna be to play football at Auburn!

If you can’t take a joke, you can’t hang with out with Cam.  Rick Ross is like Cam.  He finds everything funny too.  That’s why Rick Ross and Cam are the best of friends!

So remember, Cam is really sorry.  Cam’s just a fun, funny guy who likes to laugh.  But Cam is going to listen to Cam’s buddy, Roddy White

Roddy White says just keep your commentary to Twitter and everything will be all right.

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