Football Absurdity Podcast – AFC & NFC West Previews & Motivation and the NFL W/J.J. Birden!

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Mike Valverde, Walker Kelly, and Jeff Krisko take a look at the AFC & NFC West & their fantasy football outlooks. In the second half (2:50:00), Jeff and Mike talk to former NFL receiver J.J. Birden! J.J. talks about his nine seasons in the NFL, his winding path to making it to the league, and his second career as an author and self-help speaker.  We will be back next week in the Patreon Feed to talk the AFC & NFC South!

You can check out J.J.’s Daily M.I.S.T.s and other self-help information his on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok! You can purchase his book, When Opportunity Knocks, 8 Surefire Ways to Take Advantage! from, but if you would like a signed copy, please buy it straight from the man himself!

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