Your Personality Type Is: Cincinnati Bengals (The Red Dutch Lion)

This contains more ecstasy than Cincinnati sports fans have ever felt

Coins in the couch… cell phones in the toilet… youngest siblings. Sometimes things just slip through the cracks. Such is the way for Red Dutch Lions. Boring job, ordinary family life, dwindling friendships: It’s not rare for this type to suddenly snap out of a daze and realize that most of their life has gone by in a haze of chores.

Red Dutch Lions are cogs in the machine. They can be very dependable, right up until the day they snap and shoot up the entire Wal Mart. That’s right, this test also checked for any future crimes you might commit. It’s like Minority Report, just go ahead and turn yourself in now.

Though they never achieve full potential, Red Dutch Lions can be very Boomer bust. That means, if they are named Boomer they will do well. All the others will just bust. Fortunately, there’s a lot of rural America that still has cheap rent.

We’ve been focusing on the negatives surrounding this personality type. Just for balance, let’s discuss what is good about them. They have great style. They can be fiercely loyal. Their body odor is frequently inoffensive. Good times! So get out there, you fine-smelling, fashionably-dressed Red Dutch Lions! The world awaits your powerful mediocrity.

Not happy with your results? Take the quiz again. This time be either more or less honest.

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