Your Personality Type Is: Philadelphia Eagles (The Union 76)

Union 76s like to make the rules, then break them. Freewheeling, brash, and loud, it’s no wonder this personality type spends the most time in middle management sales positions.

Union 76s has a fun dichotomy in that their best traits are also their worst:

– Protective. Great when they’re standing up for their friends. Not so great when they are throwing a pot of boiling cheese whiz on a dog peeing near their car

– Resourceful. Great when they are pulling out all the stops to get the job done. Not so great when they are stealing luggage from Philadelphia International in order to buy a case of Yuengling.

– Direct. Great when they are establishing clear objectives and giving well-due praise. Not so great when you are asking how they are feeling and they respond, “kinda horny.”

– Heroic. Great when they are pushing a car off of a trapped orphan. Not so great when they are pushing a car off of a trapped orphan because of rampant PCP abuse. But hey, that’s the price of being a fully realized half-grown individual.

Not happy with your results? Take the quiz again. This time be either more or less honest.

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