2020 Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: Fixing the Playoffs

Draft Day is tomorrow! Sports stuff will finally happen! Dallas not making the playoffs was a bizarre twist last season, one they should be focusing their entire strategy on preventing in 2020. That was our attitude heading into this Cowboys mock draft. Special thanks to thedraftnetwork.com for their excellent draft simulation tool.

Dallas missing the playoffs was a giant puzzle: Their defense is decent and they have several notable playmakers on offense. Plus it’s not like the NFC East is a hotbed of great football teams. We have to conclude they need more defensive stars, you don’t go 8-8 with a good team without a lack of game-deciding plays. As always, we are just doing the first 5 rounds of the draft, because rounds 6 and 7 are a meaningless crapshoot.

2020 Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft
Round 1, Pick 17: Grant Delpit, S, LSU

The Cowboys need a safety, and there were two highly-ranked ones, available: Delpit and Xavier McKinney. While McKinney is more versatile and likely has a higher floor, Delpit is the big playmaker. The Cowboys shored up their defense in free agency: They don’t really need to play it safe in their secondary.

Round 2, Pick 51: Zack Baun, Edge, Wisconsin

Baun is a gift, here, as the explosive pass rusher excels in almost every area. He can put a short clock on opponent’s passing game and he’s also great at handling rushers. If the Cowboys get this top-40 ranked rookie in their lap with the 51st pick, they need to windmill-slam the draft button.

Round 3, Pick 82: Cameron Danztler, CB, Mississippi State

Dantzler has the talent, but he needs time and mentoring to develop. That’s a perfect fit for a Cowboys defense that’s already pretty complete. They can take a gamble on the 185-pound tiny Dantzler to see if he can grow into a Pro Bowl-caliber player.

Round 4, Pick 123: Devin Asiasi, TE, UCLA

The Cowboys need a tight end, so they would do best to choose the one that has the best blocking ability. That’s Asiasi. It’s not like the ‘Boys need another explosive player on offense, so just play it safe and get another guy protecting Dak Prescott out there.

Round 5, Pick 164: Terence Steele, OT, Texas Tech

It’s round five, just take the largest offensive lineman out there and hope things work out. In this case, that’s six-foot-six tackle Terence Steele. While Steele is a good pass protector, he will need some weight room work to build the strength needed to stave off NFL defenses.

Round 5, Pick 179: Isaiah Coulter, WR, Rhode Island

It’s literally the last pick of round 5. Take the speedy wideout from an unknown school and hope he turns out to be the next Jerry Rice.

If the actual NFL draft shakes out like this, the Cowboys would be in a crazy good position to storm to the top of the NFC East. We’d imagine round one is almost certainly going to be a safety: There are at least two great safeties that tend to hang around until the middle of the first. Zach Baun falling to the Cowboys inround two almost certainly won’t happen, though, but it’s fine to shoot for the moon.

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