Your Personality Type Is: Atlanta Falcons (The Brave Dreamer)

Your entire life has been shaped by a childhood plagued by letdowns from your father, or other male parent. As such, your adult life has been great, as long as you have absolutely no expectations. You live in that Twilight Zone realm where “just good enough,” is actually SUPER GREAT. Most of your spare time is spent either in therapy or sleeping with therapists to blackmail them for more therapy.

At no time is this more greatly reinforced than when you find yourself flying too close to success. All of a sudden your usually-zen mind is filled with a hundred insecurities, and a million derogatory comments about your performance, no doubt planted there by your long-dead father. Yes, this test also determined whether or not your parents are still alive. Come to think of it, “Brave Dreamer” is actually kind of the opposite of how you are. It’s just that “Cowardly Cog Grunt” doesn’t really sell copies of my new book, “Everyone on Earth Has Their Own Unique Personality Type.”

Because of this inability to break free of the chains that shackle you, you’ve carved out a sharp pasttime helping others. Brave Dreamers are the cheerleaders of extremely convoluted online tests. Whenever someone rises to new personal heights, there is probably a Brave Dreamer helping them all the way, whether it be making a superior look good so they earn a promotion, helping a ne’er-do-well friend with working through personal problems, or choking so hard that a coworker gets the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Not happy with your results? Take the quiz again. This time be either more or less honest.

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