Your Personality Type Is: Carolina Panthers (The Hornet Hurricane)

The Internet assures me that this is called a “Hornet Hurricane.” At Football Absurdity, we always value accuracy over that which is accessible or even remotely comprehensible

Very conscious of social status and highly driven, Hornet Hurricanes like life fast, showy, and efficient. It’s not good enough to win, you have to look good doing it, then somehow pull off Capri pants in the post-win interview. Naturally, Hurricanes are among the most liked personality types, due to their glowing personalities and high achievements. However, success often comes at a cost that Hornet Hurricanes are unwilling/unable to pay, like a $12 Hogmolly.

At their best, Hornet Hurricanes make the world turn, particularly in business ventures. They tend to be workaholics, which leads to quality dividends at the sacrifice of personal and relationship growth. At their worst, they are like meth-heads: Never sleeping, never stopping, but never achieving or making anything that’s not, like, an insane alien communication station in the woods.

Another more subtle personality defect is the inability to finish strong. When a project gets close to completion, Hurricane’s minds wander to the next big endeavor. It’s not unusual for this personality to do a great job on a task, then utterly abandon it 85% of the way through, whether that task is a work project, a social endeavor, or chasing after a fumble in the Super Bowl.

It was instilled at an early age that love is given based on performance. Naturally, this can lead to this type cutting corners, lying, and even cheating. The ends definitely always justify the means in the minds of Hornet Hurricanes. So if the ends are a division title, and the means are a 7-9 record, that’s perfectly rectifiable.

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