Your Personality Type Is: Washington Redskins (The Wizard General)

On the surface, Wizard Generals are active and social. You’ll frequently find them at school association meetings, heading up charity drives, and donating all their empty liquor bottles to the homeless. However, this positive exterior hides a deep secret…

Long ago, you did something bad. Very, very bad. You have never addressed it, or even acknowledged it. So, even though you have led a pretty respectful life since the incident, you are tainted. When things get boring or the shadows grow long, this misdeed creeps up from dusty synapses into the forefront of your mind. It tinges everything you do, like a single drop of blood falling into a pool of tears. You wear the shame of it every day, like a scarlet letter. Call it a Red(skins) badge of courage. Except not courage, what’s the opposite of that? Discourage? That’s it… that means “kinda racist,” right?

The Wizard General is a natural leader-by-example. When others are ready to give up, you push onward. People view it as resilience, but only you know this behavior comes from a desperate attempt to keep your life full and your mind locked into the present.

As such, you are well on your way to becoming an established member of your community. However, this creates a spiral of self-doubt: Since it is your closet “skeleton” that prompts you to be so driven, could it be argued that your heinous act was actually a good thing? No, it can’t, and pedantic arguments like this are the reason you don’t get invited to parties, anymore.

Not happy with your results? Take the quiz again. This time be either more or less honest.

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