Week 16 Injury Report

It’s the week 16 injury report, and it’s about time they got an expert like me. I’ve done stuff. 

Week 16 Injury Report

Devantae Adams
Injury Report for week 16
One time I spent the night in a Motel 8 outside Green Bay. The biscuits and gravy didn’t have enough sausage

Devantae Adams left the Carolina game with a concussion. This is his second concussion of the year, which has people worried the Packers will err on the side of caution. However, I know better: I once got two concussions in one day loading a 60-inch television onto the top of my 1987 Ford Taurus, and I still got away before the cops came. Start him with confidence


Leonard Fournette
Week 16 Injury Report
I have never run faster than the time I had a ball gag in my mouth, even though my legs had huge whip welts

It’s hard for a spectator to assess the progress of a quad injury, as any stress could re-aggravate the injured tissue. For instance, I once got kicked in the thigh while using a tattoo-removal gun to take the branding off of a horse. For the next month, every time I tried to stand up, I would fall violently to the floor and spill my drink. However, it’s impossible to spill a football, so start him with confidence.


Keenan Allen
Week 16 Injury Report
I had a hat like that, I lost it when it snagged on a lion’s teeth.

Allen was carted off the field with a kidney injury. I once received a kidney from a man who falsely believed he was my son. I was up and out of the hospital window within a few days. Start him with confidence.


Joe Mixon
Joe Mixon Week 16 Injury Report
28 is also the total number of fingers and toes that I have

Joe Mixon finally cleared the concussion protocol. I sustained a concussion one time, outside a bar, when I was punched by a man who looked mysteriously like Joe Mixon (except he was white and also female). The very next night I was back at the bar with a brand new basket of combs. Start him with confidence


Doug Martin
Doug Martin Week 16 injury report
I had the craziest friend named Martin. One time I saw him chug a pot of day-old coffee!

Doug Martin’s injury is one of the mind. I once knew a man with mental illness, and some allergy medication cleared that right up. Start him with confidence.


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