Injury Column for NFL’s 14th Block of Action

Right as I was sitting down to do this column, a button pops off my laptop. It’s that symbol in back of F and in front of D. Still, I march onward! 


This has put worry into many minds of folks from Michigan’s most populous city

I’ll start with this guy who throws balls. Stafford hurt his hand in his last tilt. You might think this is a minor injury, but it is hard for Stafford to grip a ball, which is his job. This won’t stop him from starting against Tampa Bay’s Sailor Burglars, and that is a juicy matchup. But Stafford was bad 365 days ago, with an injury to his fing-…digit. So count on a backup QB for your fantasy football squad.



It’s similar to Cincinnati chili, but with a spinal cord in substitution of pasta and a mushy potato in substitution of chili

Mixon got a concussion Monday night. Main thing is that Cincinnati’s Giant Multicolor Cats play a Thursday match. So, you can’t count on him to start, but you can wait until Thursday to find out if Mixon is on a list of guys who will play, and adjust accordingly.



As t ===> infinity, Abdullah’s playing micro-hours ===> Zilch

Abdullah sat out last Sunday with a concussion. But Abdullah has got a go-light to play in Motor City’s Lions walk-throughs. Right now, you can put him in your fantasy squad with a carbon scribing tool.


#88 on Carolina

88 on Carolina
Shockingly, a fully working foot is not mandatory for playing foot-ball

Story going around is that #88 on Carolina was sat out by his coaching group last Sunday owing to a fact that said Sunday had a match on artificial turf. With 3 straight showdowns on natural grass coming up for Carolina’s Funny-Looking Mountain Lions, #88 should start. BUT this coming Sunday #88 draws tough opposition from Vikings of a land of 10,000 ponds. Sit him for now, but don’t look for anything but a 1-match solution for this slot.


Zach from Philly

Zach from Philly
I thought about cutting-and-pasting part of his shirt into any point that I could want a backwards 3. But 3ffort.

Zach (you know whom I’m talking about) got put in concussion protocol. Zach from Philly did go with his squadron to California for a match, so things look okay. Still, Zach must pass all that concussion stuff. So plan for him to miss his upcoming sporting thing, but do watch for a probably-occurring thumbs-up to play.


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