NFL Week 12 Injury Report, by Your Older Brother

What’s this- the week 12 injury report? Wow, I can’t believe you’re still playing fantasy football. What a loser! This is why you never have any girlfriends, except for that stupid wife of yours. Let’s take a look at these prissy week 12 injury report babies:

Week 12 Injury Report

Robert Woods

week 12 injury report
I bet I could crush him at my best sport: DOTA 2

Ohhhh, Boo Hoo hoo! I’m Robert Woods and baby has an owie! I can’t believe they’re letting this guy slack off for two weeks just because his arm is in a sling. In the Army, they wouldn’t treat you so soft. One time in the army, I sprained my shoulder moving my PC to a LAN party, and they still made me go to work scrubbing the bathrooms, that night. Did I mention that I was in the Army? Almost made it all the way through basic training too. That shows guts!


Jay Cutler

week 12 injury report?
How could you name a team, “The Dolphins?” Want to know some good names? “The Black Knights” or “The 30-Year-Old Wizards”

Jay Cute-ler? What a girly name, no wonder this guy is day-to-day with a concussion. That reminds me of when we were young: I used to drag you into the bathroom, push your head in the toilet, then slam the toilet seat down as hard as I could and sit on it. You were a wuss then, and you’re a wuss now. That’s why mom won’t let me move into your old room, she’s afraid I’ll catch wuss-itis. Also because I can’t fit through the door thanks to all my muscle.


Kelvin Benjamin

week 12 injury report
This guy really loves his grandpas, I guess. Pervert. Call me when you have photos of the hot kind of incest.

I know a thing or two about bone bruises: The guys on Overwatch tell me I should’ve been a field medic. And I would have, if I weren’t allergic to the smell of gunpowder. I just rolled out with my old high school buddies, you remember the cool kids from when you were a dork-o freshman? We were kicking in some old guy’s mailbox and I missed, landing a bone bruise on my shin. All the girls said it was manly, and there were a lot of girls with us, kicking in mailboxes. Anyway, the issue with a bone bruise is that, even if it heals super-human quickly like it did with me, it still takes a while to get back to 100%. I can tell Kelvin Benjamin is built like me, with a lot of pure muscle weight supported by his legs. You should drop this loser.


Jake Elliott

week 12 injury report
Does this guy think he’s a ballerina? More like the Nut-lacker!

Oh, my G.D., a kicker got injured? I am literally L-O-Ling here. Like I literally said LOL, irl! What a dumb stupid baby dumbhead. If this dude can just clear the concussion protocol, which is a test for dummies, he can easily limp out there and kick the eggball through the goal-fork. Geez, this is a stupid game, that’s why I never played it in high school even though the coach sent me all these gifts to try to convince me to join. I knew my body was important, which is why I never mistreat it with vegetables or exercise.


Chris Thompson

week 12 injury report
How many fantasy points do you get for your player bawling like a girl?

Look at this weirdo, needing surgery and going out for season. You know what his life is compared to mine? Charmin. As in the toilet paper. As in S-O-F-T soft. He couldn’t stand even one day of my job’s training. But I made it three days before passing out behind the counter at Gamestop. That’s TWO WHOLE DAYS standing for eight hours a day, and the part of another day. But you wouldn’t know that with your sissy, egghead job finding a cure for AIDS. AIDS is a gay disease, you know that right? I can’t believe you sit around all day thinking about the gays diseasing each other. Gross.

I’ve got to go work on my plans. I’ve got BIG plans, way above your 9-to-5 just over broke pathetic lifestyle. Big plans! If I were to even show you even a tiny part of my plans, you would get injured from shock at how incredible they are. Later, loser! But those plans require borrowing mom’s Prius, so first I have to clean my room.

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