Fantasy Football: Week Thirteen Waiver Wire Tight End

Waiver Wire Tight End
Week Twelve Waiver Wire: QB  RB  WR  TE
Fantasy Football: Week Twelve Waiver Wire Tight Ends aka As If It Wasn’t Bad Enough I Have To Write About Tight Ends, I Accidentally Deleted My Original Article So I Had To Do It Twice

Last week, I summed up my thoughts on tight ends so perfectly, I am just going to plagiarize myself.  One of the keys to fantasy football isn’t just knowing when to act, but when not to act.  If you are at a bar trying to pick someone up, you don’t bring home someone with visible herpes sores just because you are desperately lonely.  What I am saying is that tight ends are like sexually transmitted diseases.  If you are lucky, you can get rid of them.  But sometimes they do irreparable harm.  And nobody is ever glad to see a tight end.  So let’s look at the waiver wire tight end position for week twelve.  But let’s make sure we get tested immediately afterwards.

Ricky Seals-JonesOwned in 3% of leagues – Did you feel the earth move as Ricky Seals-Jones shot up from being owned in 0% of leagues to 3% of leagues?  After spending so much time making fun of him last week, he had the audacity to have 4 catches for 72 yards and 1 touchdown in week twelve.  A lesser man might question if he could possibly be wrong in his analysis, but not me.  When I decided to take up the mantle of a fantasy football analyst, I gave up the right to ever consider myself wrong.  I will have you know that I always thought that you should monitor Ricky Seals-Jones.  Maybe he started out as a one-night stand.  But after he clears waivers, you could see if this could turn into something more. Don’t you remember me saying that?

Tyler KroftOwned in 47% of leagues. – If I have said it once, I have said it maybe two other times before this.  You should probably consider owning Tyler Kroft.  He is a solid, respectable low-end TE1.  He isn’t the most exciting tight end to pick from, but he has a high floor.  He’s not a guy I mind having around.  Just as long as I don’t have to actually use a waiver to get him. I just can’t be tied down to a tight end.  I’m perfectly happy streaming and playing the field if it saves me from having to spend my season with the same tight end.


Charles Clay – Owned in 32% of leagues – While I wouldn’t burn a waiver on Charles Clay, I will admit that I would spend some time considering it before dismissing the notion out of hand.  The fact is, before he went on Injured Reserve, the man was a top five tight end and Tyrod Taylor’s go-to target.  The problem with Charles Clay is that there is a non-zero chance that Sean McDermott is dumb enough to bench Taylor and start Nathan Peterman at quarterback.  That scares the hell out of me.  Tight ends are unpredictable enough as it is. Adding abject stupidity from the coaching staff means that using your waiver on him is too risky.  But if he clears waivers and you need a tight end, he should absolutely be your number one target.

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