Fantasy Football: Week Thirteen Waiver Wire Running Back

Waiver Wire Running Back
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Fantasy Football: Week Thirteen Waiver Wire Running Backs aka I Am Back To Hating Waiver Wire Running Backs

Remember last week when I told you that you were lucky at all the options available at running back.  If you listened to me, you had a great week with Samaje Perine.  If you didn’t and you still need running back help, you will need to find a time machine to back in time to week twelve, because there is not much left to find in week thirteen.  I could pretend to tell you that these guys might be worth a damn, but do you really want me to lie to you?  You don’t need me to do that.  You did a good enough job lying to yourself.  That’s why you are scouring the waiver wire for running backs.  So let’s take a look at the waiver wire running back options for week thirteen.

Rod SmithOwned in 14% of leagues – When questions arose about Ezekiel Elliott and his suspension, all eyes were on Alfred Morris as the heir apparent.  Over the last two weeks, eyes have been turning in the direction of Rod Smith.  The truth is, you would probably be better served gouging your eyes out, as opposed to relying on any running backs on the Dallas Cowboys not named Ezekiel Elliott.

Austin EkelerOwned in 34% of leagues – While I don’t like the idea of burning your waiver wire on any running backs this week, I will admit to being very intrigued by Austin Ekeler.  The fact is the dude is talented.  I think he is a guy to definitely be monitoring.  While I wouldn’t be burning a waiver on him, I would consider picking him up as a free agent if I were truly desperate.

Seattle Running Backs – Owned only by those without hope – The good news is if you want a running back on the Seattle Seahawks, you have your pick of the litter.  The bad news is you don’t want a running back on the Seattle Seahawks.

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