Fantasy Football Absurdity Check: Why You Should Start Kelvin Benjamin Over J.J. Nelson In Week Three

Waiver Wire Wide Receiver

This week my co-worker, Jeff Krisko, suggested that starting J.J. Nelson is the smart fantasy football play.  While Jeff may have fallen head over heels for Nelson, I think the rest of us should consider taking it slow.  (It’s not you, J.J.  It’s me.) Let’s begin the courting process in finding true love with fantasy football Kelvin Benjamin.

This week, J.J. Nelson will be facing a Dallas Cowboys defense that has given up the 11th most points to receiving.  However, a closer look shows that they are more susceptible to the run than the pass, giving up the 6th most points to running backs.  While the loss of David Johnson makes it seem less likely they will be able to dominate on the ground, this will still be the Cowboy’s focus for attacking the Arizona Cardinals.

Even more concerning, the Arizona Cardinals rank 28th in time of possession two games into the NFL season.   The Dallas Cowboys offense is built for controlling the clock, so I don’t expect this number to get better anytime soon.  That means the Cardinals offense has trouble staying on the field.  This also means limited opportunities for J.J. Nelson to have a big game.  And if this relationship is going to go anywhere, I’m going to need more from you, J.J.

So while I think J.J. Nelson is an interesting player, I think we should probably just be friends.  I’m looking for a receiver in week two who can dominate his matchup.  I don’t want a girlfriend for my wide receiver matchup.  I want a wife.  I’m looking for more than fantasy football Kelvin Benjamin, I want true love Kelvin Benjamin. Actually, no, fantasy football Kelvin Benjamin would be fine.

If you love J.J. Nelson’s match up against the Dallas Cowboys, you are going to be sitting outside Kelvin Benjamin’s house in an unmarked van with surveillance equipment when you realize that he is facing the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints have given up the most fantasy points to wide receivers in 2017. And the second worst defense isn’t even close to giving up as many points as the Saints.

Then you have to factor in that Greg Olsen was placed on Injured Reserve after breaking his foot.  This means the clear-cut number one receiver for the Carolina Panthers in week two is your one true love, your sun and stars, your Kelvin Benjamin.

So if you want a wide receiver who might seem nice, but you know in your heart of hearts isn’t really taking you anywhere, go ahead and settle for J.J. Nelson. But if you want a wide receiver that you can bring home to meet your parents, a receiver that you can settle down with, it’s time to get down on bended knee and make Kelvin Benjamin an honest starting option.

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