Week Two Fantasy Football Streaming Defenses: Can We Find A League Winner?

Arizona Cardinals Streaming Defenses Chase Edmonds

If you read my article on playing the waiver wire game, you know that it is an essential part of winning your fantasy football league. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? I just told you it’s an essential part of winning your fantasy football league! Why do you hate winning? One of the best ways to maximize your weekly scoring is to stream defenses. This strategy is simple – we aren’t as concerned about good defenses, so much as finding defenses that are playing terrible offenses. Bad offenses are more likely to keep playing bad because if they knew how to be good, they would already be good. Because of this flawless logic, I will point out the best streaming defenses for week two.

Streaming Defenses Option #1: Arizona (31% rostered) @ Minnesota

After the first week of the fantasy football season, one of my favorite strategies is to find a defense that nobody was talking about, who completely demolished their week one opponent. The reason for this is simple. While I don’t mind streaming defenses throughout the season if I can find a defense that I can just start every week, why wouldn’t I? Streaming defenses is a great strategy, but if you can find that number one fantasy defense you have a huge competitive advantage. For me, the Arizona Cardinals fit this criterion.  In week one, they pantsed the Tennessee Titans for the number one fantasy performance in week one. They had 6 sacks and 3 turnovers, while only giving up 13 points to a very good Titans offense.

In 2020, the Titans gave up the second-fewest fantasy points to opposing defenses. The additional of JJ Watt makes that Cardinals’ front seven a terror, which should lead to sacks, turnovers, and wins.  While the Vikings are not necessarily a plus match-up for the Cardinals, they aren’t a bad one either. I roll the dice and grab the Cardinals because if they have another dominant performance, I will have a much harder time grabbing them before week three.

Streaming Defenses Option #2: Seattle (11% rostered) @ Tennessee

While I just argued that the Titans gave up the second-fewest fantasy points to opposing defenses in 2020, this year they have given up the most. They are also playing a Seattle Seahawks team on the road after having their souls crushed. In week one, Seattle had 3 sacks and 1 turnover on the road in Indianapolis. This week they are at home against a Titans team that looked terrible in every facet of the game. While I think the Titans’ week one performance is more a product of the Cardinals being good, there is always a divisional favorite at the start of the season that completely disappoints. With Seattle looking strong to start the season, that makes this a potentially dominant play if the Titans do end up being frauds.

Streaming Defenses Option #3: Green Bay DEF (29% rostered) @ Detroit

In week one, Detroit gave up the fifth-most fantasy points to the San Francisco 49ers. They managed to do this while still allowing 33 points. If we are being honest, Detroit is not playing for this year. Moreover, the Green Pay Packers tend to have one embarrassing loss every year. In 2020, after losing to the Bucs 38-10, they came back the next week to beat the Texans 35-20. In that game, they had 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery. In 2019, after losing to the 49ers 37 – 8, the following week they won 31-13 against the Giants and had 3 turnovers. Basically, I’m saying now that Mike Richards has the Jeopardy hosting gig on lockdown, the Packers should be fine.

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