2021 Fantasy Football Week 2 Sleeper Tight End List

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Week one of the 2021 NFL season is in the books. How are you feeling? Are you undefeated, atop the world, dauntless? Or are you winless; a bit of scum-sucking highway trash, unworthy of calling yourself a human? No matter who you are, we are here to help you with your week two roster decisions. If you found yourself worried about your tight end position, never fear. We have three tight end sleepers for you for fantasy football week two. To qualify for this list, a player must be available in at least 50% of Yahoo! Leagues. And don’t worry, one of these tight end sleepers is available in at least 90% of leagues for those of you reading this article by looking down your nose (I see you!). Without further ado, let’s get started…

Sleeper Tight End #1:
Jared Cook versus Dallas (32% rostered)

I don’t want to believe in Jared Cook. I really, really don’t. He’s ancient by NFL standards and was TD-reliant in each of the last two seasons with New Orleans. But, in week one, the Chargers gave him 8 targets, which was the same amount as Kyle Pitts got from the Falcons, and which tied him for third on the week. I guess I have to lean into it. After all, the Chargers seem content pushing downfield with their young quarterback. That should benefit Cook.

This week, the Chargers get the Dallas Cowboys, who gave up two touchdowns to Rob Gronkowski last week, on eight targets. Granted, it was Brady2Gronk, so we have to take it with a massive, heaping pile of salt. But on the other hand, they schemed up Demarcus Lawrence on Gronk on one of the touchdowns, so maybe it is the Cowboys.

The streaming tight end game is all about trying to find targets and touchdowns. So, let’s chase the guy ranked third in TE targets going against one of three teams to give up multiple touchdowns to one tight end last week.

Sleeper Tight End #2:
Adam Trautman at Carolina (10% rostered)

There are top-level stats, and then there are the stats we should look at. A lot of people are going to chase the two touchdowns from Juwan Johnson last week, but the man lucked out on those scores. Jameis looked his way three times, and two of them happened to be in the end zone. So, don’t look toward Johnson this week. Look at Trautman, who had twice as many targets and who played four times as many snaps as Johnson (51 to 12), and who ran fourteen routes to Johnson’s eight. Other tan touchdowns, there isn’t much to look at that would have you leaning Johnson over Trautman. Trautman had the second-highest target share among tight ends last year, and the ninth-highest air yards share. He should have a big game this week.

The Panthers are unlikely to put up a massive defense this week against the Saints. Last week, Tyler Kroft and Ryan Griffin combined to put up 6 catches for 48 yards on 11 targets. Expect the bulk of those targets to go Adam Trautman’s way (like they did last week), and you’re off to the races.

Sleeper Tight End #3:
David Njoku versus Houston (6% rostered)

Njoku won the first round of Browns Tight End Roulette last week, notching as many targets as Austin Hooper and Harrison Bryant combined. He turned his five targets into three catches and 72 yards. Hopefully, that is enough to get Njoku out of Kevin Stefanski’s Dog House, and back into his good graces. The Browns already ruled out Odell Beckham Jr. for this weekend’s game, so that means that Njoku should get plenty of run as a top-three option in this offense’s passing game.

The Browns get the Houston Texans this week, which is a great matchup for Njoku. Last week James O’Shaughnessy finished with 6 catches for 48 yards. James O’Shaughnessy. That was the third-highest total of O’Shaughnessy’s career and the most since he had 41 yards in early December 2020. If JOS can do it, then Njoku can do it.

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