11 Fascinating Facts about the 2021 NFL Divisional Playoffs

2021 NFL Divisional Playoffs Facts

Those sure were some interesting 2021 divisional playoffs facts, huh? There were 11 of them! Fact: 11 is a number. Bonus Fact: 300 is the number of words I have to write, here, so that search engines don’t think this painstakingly-researched article is just some bot spam. This one time, my friends and I went up the hill behind our rival team’s football field. We chalked our school’s initials on the hillside. This guy caught us in the beginning but we convinced him we were from the rival school. This was the night before the big crosstown rivalry football game.

So, the next day, we all show up at the game and it is glorious: Right above the field are our enormous school initials that everyone had to stare at all game long. The guy who caught us found us and started yelling at us, but we just laughed at him. He then got a leafblower and went up on the hill to blow away the chalk. However, we had lugged a bunch of water up the hill and poured it all over the chalk. It was my friend Mike’s idea: He was really good at engineering foolproof mischief. He is now chief of a fire department, I guess you could say he now puts out mischief. So, the leafblower just gave the letters a cool 90s-esque blur. Which was appropriate, because the year was 1995.

I don’t remember who won the game. Welp, that’s my story.

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