Start or Sit Jamison Crowder, Mike Williams, or Corey Davis in Fantasy Football Week 14?

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Week fourteen is upon us and for many of us, it is do or die time. For some of us, we either need to win this week or find ourselves in the consolation bracket, where we will assuredly find ourselves spending our remaining weeks outscoring everyone in the playoffs while we bemoan our fate. For others, it is the first round of the playoffs, and losing is not an option. Either way, we need to figure out which wide receiver gives us the best chance to crush our enemies and feast on their bones. The question we will all be asking ourselves is if we should start or sit Jamison Crowder, Mike Williams, or Corey Davis?

Start or Sit Jamison Crowder versus Seattle Seahawks

The New York Jets versus the Seattle Seahawks is a game of bad versus bad. On the one hand, the Seattle Seahawks pass defense is the worst in football. On the other hand, the New York Jets are the New York Jets.

Yet as frightening a prospect as starting a receiver on the Jets might be, Jamison Crowder might be the most underrated receiving option of week fourteen. Seattle has given up the most targets, receptions, and yards to opposing wide receivers. They have also given up the most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. And Jamison Crowder is a PPR machine, so Seattle’s weaknesses line up nicely with his strengths.

Moreover, this game has all the makings of a shootout from a pure yardage perspective. The only team that has given up more completions and passing yards than the New York Jets is the Seattle Seahawks. If a lot of passes are going to be thrown, then I definitely want to start Jamison Crowder.

Start or Sit Mike Williams versus Atlanta Falcons

In week thirteen, Justin Herbert experienced his first major defeat as a fantasy football quarterback. Herbert got clowned by Bill Belichick, as all rookie quarterbacks do. Lucky for Justin, there is nothing better for washing the bad taste out of your mouth than playing the Atlanta Falcons defense. The Atlanta Falcons defense has given up the fourth-most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. The Falcons defense has given up the fourth-most targets, the sixth-most receptions, and the second-most receiving yards in fantasy football.

On the flip side, the Los Angeles Chargers have the third-most passing attempts, fourth-most completions, and the fourth-most passing yards, which makes this a match made in heaven. The Chargers love to throw the football and the Atlanta Falcons love to let teams clown them in the passing game.

With Mike Williams averaging 7 targets a game over his last six games, you definitely want to start Mike Williams in week fourteen.

Start or Sit Corey Davis versus Jacksonville Jaguars

One of the best bets you can make in fantasy football is betting on the guy who has underperformed his entire career when he is entering a contract year. If you made that bet with Corey Davis, you have found him having the best season of his career. Which, unfortunately, isn’t saying much.

However, there is no denying how good Corey Davis has been this year. He has been a low-end WR2 all year. In ten games this season, Davis has had double-digit points in six. He has only really had one bad game and has constantly been a high-floor guy.

So when you see Davis playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, you absolutely have to start him. The Jaguars have given up the fifth-most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. They have given up the sixth-most yards and sixth-most touchdowns to their opponents.

In a lot of ways, this game is similar to the Seahawks/Jets match-up, only on a slightly smaller scale. The Titans and Jaguars have given up the fourth and fifth-most passing yards to opposing teams. So if I am telling you to start Jamison Crowder, I’m definitely going to tell you to start Corey Davis.

Who to Prioritize?

Now that we have three fun receivers to target, we need to figure out how to rank these week fourteen wide receivers. While Corey Davis and Jamison Crowder have similarly favorable match-ups, only one of these players is not on the Jets. For that reason, Corey Davis is going to be my top guy. After Davis, I’m rolling with Crowder because I feel like, with Sims out, Crowder is going to be peppered with targets while the Jets play from behind. I like Crowder to have a pretty high floor, while also having the potential to completely go off. Finally, I start Mike Williams. While I want to rank him higher than Crowder based on the offense he is playing, Crowder is the clear number one on his team with a slightly more favorable match-up.

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