Santa Claus Fantasy Football Team Names

This Santa Claus fantasy football team names list co-written by:  Bruce Hardstone, Evan Hoovler, Jason Lu, Amanda Rez, and Bryan Sclar

Now, Dissler! Now, Dancler! Now, Prater and Mixon!
On, Kmet! On Kupp
id! Brandonder and Fitzen!

In 1897, the New York Sun wrote, “Yes, Virginia, there is a fantasy football playoffs. It exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy.” A timeless statement that, when you really think about it, could also be applied to Santa Claus.

For those of you hoping the jolly, no-doubt diabetic Saint Nick will pull a fantasy title out of his sack, we’ve got a bit of inspiration. Change your fantasy football team name to one on this list. Santa will comb through all of the fantasy leagues and deliver first-place titles to only those who have appropriately-themed names. It’s an imperfect system, but he’s in charge so we just have to deal.

Santa Claus Fantasy Football Team Names

Kupp on the Kroft-top Damiere Paws

Younghoe Hoe Hoe

Hocken Stuffers

Cole Saints Nick (Chubb)

Boyd to the Gurl


Goff-ty the Throwman

Lockett around the SwiftMoss Tyreek

Wentz Koo Drive My Slayton-ite

The Pollard Ek-spress

Humph of Cole

Jonnu find out who’s Naugh-tee or Hines

Santos Claus is Cam-ing Drew Brown

Fant-a McClaur-s

Hockens were Hunt by the ChiMooney with Carr

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