Beer Fantasy Football Team Names

This beer-themed fantasy team names list written by: Ken Bakken, Evan Hoovler, Joseph Leszkowicz, Nick Carter, Amanda Rez, and Bryan Sclar 

If you like fantasy football, you’ll LOVE feeling soul-crushing sorrow. Some of us cope with this by consuming beer. I’m actually in a league with an entry fee of $50 of craft beer, and after the season we mail it to the winners. I love going to my nerd beer bar (shoutout to Rainier Growlers, if you live in Puyallup you need to check this place out). I meticulously piece together $50 worth of the greatest hop concoctions this Yakima-adjacent town has to offer. It’s a great excuse for why I’m 3-6 in that league. That league goes through beer-themed team names like I go through, well, 12-ounce cans, so let’s get to it!

Beer Fantasy Football Team Names

Cam Adams Gronk-toberfest

Michel-obe Schultz-tra

Hill-Waller-key’s Prest

S-Tee-l Reeks-Irv

Odell-o Especi-Allen

S-Bell-a Carr-tois

Helaire-Hogan-t Bass-tard

Newt Bell-gium Fant Tyre

Geneceede Kareem Ale

Moss Drew-l

Patrick-ico Clara

Stefon-ders Golliday IPA

Young-L-Ingram Zack & Tann

Gore-ona Ekstra

The Malcomist Burkhead-y Topper


Edwards For-Tee Hands

Ginn-ess Traut

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