Fantasy Football Puzzles Week 6

In our fantasy football puzzles, Week 6 edition,  we’ve got a trio of new head-scratchers that touch on the subjects of words, logic, and fun!

1. Common Ground

What NFL-related property do the following words share?


Answer, here.

2. Word Ladders

A word ladder takes a starting word, changes one letter to make a new word (without rearranging). This process is repeated until arriving at the final word.

So if the puzzle was to change “LOVE” into “BUST” a solution could be: LOVE–>LOSE–>LOST–>LUST–>BUST. Sorry, Jordan.

As an added hint, we included the number of steps in our solve (the LOVE–> BUST ladder had 4 steps).

A. Change RAIDERS into WINNERS (6 steps)

B. Change CHIEFS into LOSERS (8 steps)

C. Change EVAN into OKAY (8 steps)

Answers, here.

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3. Deduction Puzzle

The final standings are in for a unique 7-team fantasy football league. The participants are Larson, Mailer, Nadel, Otero, Peterson, Smith, and Thomas.
Can you figure out the final order from the following clues?

– Larson finished better than Nadel
– Mailer finished better than Thomas
– Peterson finished worst than Larson, Mailer, Nadel, Otero, and Thomas
– There was exactly one person between Larson and Otero, whether or not Larson finished better than Otero
– There was exactly one person between Mailer and Peterson, whether or not Mailer finished better than Peterson
– Smith finished first

Answer, here.

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