Pokemon Fantasy Football Team Names

Authors: Jason Lu, Bryan Sclar, Evan Hoovler, Jimmy Brown, Julia Tang, and Nick Carter

Helaire for Trub-le
And Mack it double
To protect the Gurld from Devinstation
To unite all peoples Witten our LeSean
To denounce the eFoles of Jordan love
To Rextend Carr reach to the stars above
Jesse James!
Team Lockett blast Goff at the speed of light
SurrenDerrick now Gore prepare to fight
Meowth! Matt’s White!

It’s our first weekly team names list of the year! If you like fantasy football team names and know a lot about Pokemon, you are officially younger than me, so great job on achieving that.

Pokemon Fantasy Team Names

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That’s it for our Pokemon fantasy team names. However, I’m still typing. So why is that? Is it because, during these isolated times of COVID, these team names articles are my only link to the outside world? Additionally, perhaps the team names are a metaphor for drops of blood, the vessel for the eponymous sanguine nature of these team name lists, yet symbolic of the hard effort everyone on the team spent coming up with juuuuuust the right names after dozens of rejections. Also, maybe there’s a Pokemon fantasy football team name inside us all waiting to break out and shine. However, it’s actually because I need this article to hit 300 words to make search engines. Bumfuzzle.

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