2020 Chris Godwin Fantasy Football Player Profile

Chris Godwin Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As we gear up to the start of the NFL season, Football Absurdity is going to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of every notable player that will be available in fantasy football drafts. We only look at the past three seasons for a player. This is because anyone who is looking at 2016 to figure out what to do in 2020 had better be David Lynch trying to figure out where everything went wrong with the reboot of Twin Peaks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had their own reboot at quarterback, how will Chris Godwin’s fantasy performance be with Tom Brady under center?

Chris Godwin ADP and AAV:
Standard: WR6, 16 overall
PPR: WR6, 18 overall
Average Auction Value: $34

Chris Godwin Statistics:
Year 2019 2018 2017
G 14 16 16
GS 14 5 2
Tgt 121 95 55
Rec 86 59 34
Yards 1333 842 525
TD 9 7 1
Tgt/G 7.56 5.94 3.44
Rec/G 5.38 3.69 2.13
Rec% 71.1% 62.1% 61.8%
Yds/Tgt 11.02 8.86 9.55
Yds/Rec 15.50 14.27 15.44
Year 2019 2018 2017
Std Pts 190.1 126.2 58.5
HPPR Pts 233.1 155.7 75.5
PPR Pts 276.1 185.2 92.5
Pts/G 13.6 7.9 3.7
HPPR Pts/G 16.7 9.7 4.7
PPR Pts/G 19.7 11.6 5.8
Pts/Tgt 1.57 1.33 1.06
Pts/Tgt (HPPR) 1.93 1.64 1.37
Pts/Tgt (PPR) 2.28 1.95 1.68
Year 2019 2018 2017
Air Yards 1301 1134 725
aDOT 10.8 11.9 13.2
YAC 577 257 169
YAC/Tgt 4.77 2.71 3.07
YAC/Rec 6.71 4.36 4.97
YAC% 43.3% 30.5% 32.2%
AYMS 23% 17% 12%
Tgt MS 22% 16% 10%
Chris Godwin Overview:

Move aside, you Millennial dinosaurs! Your stodgy, old-school fantasy analysis is canceled. I’m here to breathe fresh life into the game with some dummy thicc Tik Tok fantasy football advice!

TB is the new quarterback in TB, but people who are going all out on Chris Godwin are being so extra. Sure, his precise route-running led to his 2020 breakout and should pair well with Brady’s methodical style, but will Brady even want to throw it to Godwin? Think of all the germs that would spread!

Another reason why Godwin had a breakout year was that Jameis Winston forcing the ball to him. But Brady is much more inclined to find and hit the open man because that will maximize social distancing. Will Godwin be able to adapt to Brady giving precise routes and audibles pre-snap via the Zoom conferencing platform?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Godwin is going to tank, but fantasy football pundits are thinking he is going to be lit when I’m thinking that such an uncertain situation isn’t what I want from my second-round/$35-$40 pick.

Chris Godwin Draft Strategy

Chis Godwin Auction Value: $31
Draft Ranking: Find out for your league settings in a Beersheet!

If he falls to the third/under $30, that’s right about where I can justify going out on a limb for a riskier pick. Make no mistake, there is always a risk when a guy has a new quarterback and no preseason, even if that quarterback is the fire, wig, rad Tom Brady.

This falls into a general strategy of avoiding guys with low floors or uncertain situations with my highest two picks, then see if one of those guys falls to the third round/under $30 and grabbing them there. It’s all about giving your yeet portfolio some on-fleek diversity.

Best Case Scenario:

Godwin flourishes with Brady and finishes as a top 3 WR. My DMs are burning with hate mail, coinciding with me regaining the ability to care about anything.

Worst Case Scenario:

Godwin disappoints and ends up a consistent WR2. My IG comments are totally devoid of people saying, “wow, you were so right!” coinciding with me regaining the ability to care about anything.

[Statistics are sourced from pro-football-reference.com and airyards.com]

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