Chargers Mock Draft: Fixing Los Angeles’ Offense

Take a look at the offense in anticipation of this Chargers mock draft. The Los Angeles Chargers is almost the complete package when it comes to moving the ball. They’ve got a veteran receiving corps, a hot developing running back, and a tight end who still has a Pro Bowl ceiling. They just need a few minor pieces for everything to fall into place: You know, like maybe a quarterback and a left-side offensive line that will keep that quarterback alive.

That’s what we’re keeping in the forefront as we do this Chargers mock draft: Get their offense back to the heights it once reached. Using’s draft simulator, hopefully, the Bolts can fill it all out and get back to extreme fantasy relevance. They have one high pick in each round of the draft, which puts them in prime position to turn things around. As always, I’ll only be covering the first 5 rounds of picks.

Chargers Mock Draft
Round 1, Pick 6: Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville

The highest-ranked offensive lineman in the draft, Becton is expected to slot right in as a starter for left tackle or guard. Both Burrow and Tua were off the board at this point, so the Chargers grabbing a player who is likely to be a lifelong starter is easily the best move.

Round 2, Pick 37: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

Jordan Love has all the physical gifts the Chargers could want in a modern QB. Mobile, agile, and able to hit throws from a variety of positions, Love should be able to grow with his receivers the more experience they get together. He does make some rough decisions, but that’s why you want him on a team that can lean on their running game while their QB develops.

Round 3, Pick 71: Lucas Niang, OT, TCU

With Becton covering the Guard position, Niang’s 6’7″ frame can fit right in at tackle, getting in between the inside rush and the quarterback on most plays. Niang would normally be going early in the second round, he fell a bit due to a hip injury that required surgery last season. All reports say he’s good to go, so he would be the final piece to rounding out the Chargers’ offense.

Round 4, Pick 112: Van Jefferson, WR, Florida

Sure the receivers on the Chargers are vets. But they’ve grown used to Philip Rivers’ dominant ability to see the entire field. Their new quarterback hasn’t developed that yet, so he will need receivers who can be exactly where they are expected to be. Enter Van Jefferson, perhaps the best route runner of the entire 2020 draft class. His tight play following will make him an excellent safety valve for a scrambling young QB.

Round 5, Pick 151: Justin Strnad, LB, Wake Forest

Fine, I guess the Chargers can work on their mediocre defensive backfield, now. Strnad has the potential to be an every-down starter after acclimating to the NFL. His bursts of explosiveness and ability to cover a wide swath of turf should make him a helpful addition to the maturing Chargers D.

There it is: A Chargers mock draft that has them poised to hit the ground running offensively in 2020, both on paper and in fantasy.

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