Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Fixing Mitch Trubisky

Alright, Bears fans, it’s time to face reality: You’d better put some support around Trubisky or else announce Foles as the starter. So we took a look at some likely draft prospects that could really help Mitch struggle over that hump. For the purposes of this Bears mock draft, we are going to assume two things:

1. Mitch Trubisky will definitely be the starter at the beginning of the regular season
2. The main goal of this draft is to make Trubisky better

Obviously neither is 100% true in reality. But if you want a full-on realistic Bears mock draft, check the dozens already on the Internet. This is simply a thought exercise to figure out the best way the Bears can use the 2020 draft to improve their current QB. That said, we’ve got our work cut out for us: The Bears have no picks in the first or third rounds. Since I don’t consider picks in rounds 6-7 useful, that leaves Chicago with three picks total: 2 in round two and 1 in round five.

Alright, that said, let’s jump in our draft simulator and see what falls.

Bears 2020 Mock Draft
Round 2, Pick 43: Jonah Jackson, IOL, Ohio State

First, we’ve got to buy Trubisky time. The 6’4″, 300-lb Jackson transferred from Rutgers his senior year and won the status of first-team Big Ten All-American.

Round 2, Pick 50: Michael Pittman Jr, WR, USC

Per, “In the passing game, he is good in contested catch situations.” That’s what the Bears want when Mitch Trubisky is throwing, right? Done deal, welcome to the team, Michael!

Round 5, Pick 163: Harrison Bryant, TE, FAU

One of the surest-handed tight ends in the draft, Bryant began to show a consistent ability to fight for contested catches late in his college career. Having him as a safety valve could stop Trubisky from making those baffling downfield throws.

Alright, those are some solid picks. The Bears weren’t able to shore up the edges of their offensive line, so Trubs might have to do some scrambling. But a skilled interior OL will at least help prevent him from getting hit head-on. Plus, putting some large bodies out there with great catching ability will give him all the opportunity to succeed. If the Bears 2020 Draft goes somewhat as this one did, we could see Trubisky having his breakout year (we’re not betting on it though, don’t get crazy).

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