2020 New York Giants Mock Draft: Let’s Plug This Dam

Someone has to win the NFC East. It could be you, it could be me, it could even be the New York Giants. With that goal in mind, we set about doing a Giants mock draft. We used the great draft simulator tool over at thedraftnetwork.com.

As always we’re skipping the final two rounds because there’s nothing that can be learned from simulating picks for guys that will probably end up getting cut.

New York Giants Mock Draft
Round 1, Pick 4: Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson

The Giants do need an offensive tackle to block for Daniel Jones. There is a handful of great OTs in this round. However, either the Giants will trade back a few spots until at least a few of the 4-5 tackles are off the board, or they will use their pick to get way more utility. That’s Simmons, who is 238 pounds and ran the 40-yard-dash with a wow-inducing time of 4.39 seconds. He should do a ton for making the Giants defense good, again.

Round 2, Pick 36: Grant Delpit, S, LSU

Yes, the Giants still need an O-Lineman but, again, a top-shelf player has fallen right into their lap. The Giants need a free safety, and Delpit was expected to go in the middle of the first round. It’s way easier to develop a late-round offensive lineman than it is to coach a middling safety in football sense.

Round 3, Pick 99: Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU

Charles is a bit of a project: He has raw athleticism but is a bit of a discipline case both on and off the field. Frankly, the G-Men can’t wait on a lineman any longer and Charles has the highest ceiling of anyone remaining.

Round 4, Pick 110: Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina

What the Giants need now is a WR who is the best at contested catches. That will give developing QB Daniel Jones some much-needed relief. While Edwards isn’t going to become a superstar, he is a middle-of-the-field player with one of the best abilities to gain separation of any player in the draft.

Round 5, Pick 150: Hakeem Adeniji, OT, Kansas

Adeniji brings experience to shore up the line while Saahdiq Charles develops. Hakeem has started every game for Kansas for the past 4 seasons. It’s a safe pick that will ensure the line doesn’t descend into chaos.

This draft would be a cache of riches for the Giants. I really don’t think Delpit will fall to round two, and the Giants seem so enamored with Daniel Jones they will probably just pick an OT early in round one. But if they want to play it smart they will use their high pick on a potentially generational talent and just grab a few OTs in later rounds.

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