Start or Sit D.J. Moore, Jarvis Landry, or Terry McLaurin in Week 16

start or sit Terry McLaurin, Jarvis Landry, or D.J. Moore

This week for my start or sit article, I’ll be spotlighting wide receivers ranked around the middle of the pack. I will let you know my thoughts on them, and tell you if I think they’ll finish 24th or better. That would make them startable players in your standard 12-team fantasy football league. Yahoo! will do the same.

Last Week’s Predictions:
Week 15 score: Yahoo! 3-3, Me 4-2
Overall Season Score: Yahoo! 42-42, Me 53-31

Start or Sit D.J. Moore, Jarvis Landry, or Terry McLaurin in Week 16?
Start or Sit D.J. Moore in Week 16?

There’s a time to tinker and a time to let things stay put. With an every-week fantasy producer like Moore in your fantasy championship, it is definitely NOT time to tinker just because his horrendous quarterback might get benched.

Since week 8, Moore is second among WRs for total receptions. If Will Grier has you worried, consider this: Will Grier’s specialty is the deep ball. D.J. Moore rarely lines up in the slot, so there should be plenty of long passes his way. Carolina faces Indianapolis, who have good defensive stats on paper. But the Colts’ defense stats don’t paint an accurate picture of how bad they’ve been lately: With star cornerback Kenny Moore II injured, the Colts have given up a whopping average of 387 yards of passing in their past two games. Carolina has no reason to play conservatively: They are out of the playoffs and should be focusing on seeing exactly what they have in the rookie Grier. I confidently say start D.J. Moore in week 16 and let him take you to the fantasy title.

Yahoo! has Moore ranked 21st. so they advise you to start DJ Moore in week 16.


Start or Sit Jarvis Landry in Week 16?

Landry’s performance has plummeted with his team’s implosion. Landry hasn’t even been a top-36 wide receiver in either of the past two weeks. Don’t hitch your wagon of championship dreams to the second wide receiver on a disaster team playing Baltimore, the hottest team in the league right now. Sit Jarvis Landry in week 16.

Yahoo! projects Landry to finish 20th among WRs, so they want you to start Jarvis Landry in week 16.


Start or Sit Terry McLaurin in Week 16?

McLaurin has gotten back on fantasy track with Dwayne Haskins’ improvement. He’s had touchdowns in back-to-back games, and faces a Giants’ squad who ranks sixth-worst at stopping the fantasy performance of wide receivers. Last week, DeVante Parker scored all over them and six different Dolphins wide receivers had at least 20 yards. I didn’t even know the Dolphins had six wide receivers! The Giants are tied for fifth at giving up explosive pass plays, which is what McLaurin does best. You can Start Terry McLaurin in week 16, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t catch a long touchdown pass.

Yahoo! projects McLaurin at 26th among WRs, so they want you to sit Terry McLaurin in week 16, unless you need a flex. 

DJ Moore, Jarvis Landry, and Terry McLaurin Ranked for Week 16:

Evan Hoovler (that’s me): Moore > McLaurin > Landry
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: Landry > Moore > McLaurin

Wow, Yahoo! and I disagree a ton in this final fantasy week. If you’re wondering whom to trust, I say scroll up to the top of this article and check the scoreboard (hint: it’s me). Best of luck this week! Be sure to check back next week to see which of us is the superior fantasy prognosticator.

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