The Best Players I Think Should Have Made the 2020 Pro Bowl

Jason Witten breaking the Pro Bowl trophy while simultaneously breaking his broadcast career. fantasy football

Shame, NFL… SHAME! Your bow-tie wearing Pro Bowl voters eating filet mignon in their ivory towers have utterly disconnected from what makes a player great. There’s no excuse for the following players to have been left off the 2020 Pro Bowl…

Best QB That Didn’t Make the 2020 Pro Bowl:
Matt Haack, Miami Dolphins

All this talk of Lamar Jackson revolutionizing the game, yet no one talks about Matt Haack’s innovative use of the Swinging Gate formation to put up unbelievable stats:

Sure, Drew Brees made it with a measley 75% pass completion rate, yet Haack’s superhuman ONE HUNDRED PERCENT completion rate isn’t enough to swing the voters. Lamar Jackson’s touchdown percentage is only 8.9% but Haack’s is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. If Haack had as many pass attempts as Lamar Jackson he would have a record-crushing 370 touchdowns (for 370 total passing yards, but that’s not the point!)


Best RB That Didn’t Make the 2020 Pro Bowl:
Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions

Most people are under the illusion that Sanders retired decades ago, but he’s been putting on the moves in 2019:

Watch him make cuts that would break ankles of younger running backs all while wearing a suit! Add in the extra difficulty of whatever stadium this is in forgetting to clear the field of tables, and it’s a shocker that he was snubbed from the 2020 Pro Bowl.


Best WR That Didn’t Make the 2020 Pro Bowl:
Davante Adams

Another example of voters just looking at the stats and not taking in any player tape. Sure Adams might not be leading the league in any relevant category, but he is a human highlight reel. Check out this impossible catch:


This video currently has two views, and they are both by me, so click over there and make a kid’s day.


Best TE That Didn’t Make the 2020 Pro Bowl:
Marcedes Lewis, Green Bay Packers

This one is serious: Sure the 2020 Pro Bowl tight ends can catch pretty passes, but the great blocking tight ends set up way more offensive plays. Marcedes Lewis might be the best blocking tight end in the post-Gronk era:

When he retires, Lewis needs to open up a pancake restaurant, and then when you order a big pancake, he runs out of the kitchen and shoves you out the door. I would pay money for that.

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