Hot Takes From Crazy People: New York/New Jersey Fans Edition

nyc hot takes from crazy people

I hijacked this week’s Hot Takes From Crazy People from Evan Hoovler as I needed a quick fix into the craziness that is NFL football fans. Can’t really blame the psychosis as unlike any other major sport, football-only arrives once a week and nearly every game is essential due to a 16 game schedule. Let’s take a dive into the madness and see what pops!


New York Giants vs. New York Jets, I mean New Jersey? When you’re not wanted anywhere


Gooberment is not having any of it


When it’s so taxing on the soul, you need to bring up a man who has been dead for 37 years


Unfortunately, Antonio Brown was feeling lonely… Nah this is writer’s gold!


When you have fallen so far you become excrement


From the lips of a man on how to get away with something wrong


Not HOF worthy? Since when does 1,101 receptions for 13,899 yards and 130 touchdowns not be HOF worthy? Oh, wait… It doesn’t. As Rose Royce sings “luv doesn’t live here anymore.”



However, hat tip goes to the Goo_Goo_ for Gooing in the right direction


A long road for Trent Williams with a horrible organization


Trent Williams has a tumor in his head and these guys are arguing about his trade value




Dallas Cowboys out there getting fines for roughhousing


However, sometimes crazy comes with smarts, just like painkiller20 cites:

Top draft choice Chase Young may be out for the rest of the college season.

But that’s okay, according to Truth and a one-game video he sucks,  and look! #12 (Peyton Ramsey) is a thing.


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