Start or Sit Ryan Tannehill, Sam Darnold, or Derek Carr in Week 10

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We’re changing up the start or sit challenge scoring to better benefit your leagues! Check it out:

This week, I’ll be spotlighting quarterbacks ranked around 12th and tell you if I think they’ll finish 12th or better. Yahoo! will do the same.

Week 9 score: Yahoo 6-6, Me 6-6

My predictions last week for quarterbacks and running backs.

Overall Season score: Yahoo 25-21, Me 29-19

Start or Sit Ryan Tannehill, Sam Darnold, or Derek Carr in Week 10
Start or Sit Ryan Tannehill Week 10?

Tannehill has looked great so far with the Titans. He cleared 23 points in all three of his starts, and get a soft Chiefs defense that quarterbacks have to throw at a ton to survive. While he isn’t the best at winning football games, I can’t get away from him in this fantasy matchup. If you’re looking for a waiver wire QB who has the best chance of cracking the top 12, it’s him. Start Ryan Tannehill in Week 10.

Yahoo! has Tannehill ranked 19th among quarterbacks, expecting him to score 15.28 points. They say sit Ryan Tannehill in Week 10

Start or Sit Derek Carr Week 10?

After two straight top 12 finishes, a lot of fantasy owners are taking a look at Carr. After all, he seems to be synching with his strongest weapons, and Tyrell Williams and Hunter Renfro seem to be developing rapport. However, the Raiders are going up against a white-hot Chargers defense who utterly deflated Aaron Rodgers and the pack last Sunday. I’d go elsewhere for an emergency QB I need to finish in the top 12. Sit Derek Carr in week 10.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football predicts Carr to finish 16th among QBs, which is a vote to sit Derek Carr in week 10.


Start or Sit Sam Darnold Week 10

If you came here looking for advice on whether to start or sit Sam Darnold, you probably have a lot more fantasy slots to consider. So I’ll save you some time: even against the Giants bottom 10 passing defense, Darnold and the Jets will look like a lukewarm mess. He had one good game almost a month ago and three straight stinkers. Sit Sam Darnold week 10

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football says Darnold will finish 20th among QBs, so they want to sit Sam Darnold week 10 (as they should).


Ryan Tannehill, Derek Carr, and Sam Darnold ranked for week 9:

Evan Hoovler (that’s me): Tannehill > Carr > Darnold

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: Carr > Tannehill > Darnold

Be sure to check back next week to see which of us is the superior fantasy prognosticator.

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