Fantasy Football Week 14: Start or Sit Golladay, Lockett, or Jeffery?

Fantasy Football Alshon Jeffery

It’s the first week of the fantasy football playoffs in most leagues, and that means, statistically, fewer people than ever should be reading this article. Nevertheless, if you are reading this, congratulations on the playoffs! Our weekly start or sit articles hope to help you make some informed decisions in your league every week, and we continue by highlighting three wide receivers with bad matchups this week.

Start or Sit Kenny Golladay versus Arizona

With Golden Tate traded to the Philadelphia Eagles and Mavin Jones Jr. placed on Injured Reserve, Kenny Golladay is the last man standing in what was one of the most talented receiving corps in the NFL.  Since Golladay became the man, he has been one of the most targeted receivers in the NFL, but his production has not improved that much.  His catch rate is down 10% and he is only averaging 1.6 fantasy points more per game since he became the primary focus of the passing game.  To make matters worse, this week he is facing off against Patrick Peterson, one of the best cover cornerbacks in football.   Everything about this game screams that you should sit Kenny Golladay.

Start or Sit Tyler Lockett at Seattle

There were concerns on the Minnesota Vikings that Xavier Rhodes would not be able to play in week 14.  The latest reports indicate that Rhodes is going to play, which means the person who should be concerned the most is Tyler Lockett.  This season, the Minnesota Vikings have given up the 6th fewest fantasy points to opposing wide receivers.  They have one of the best secondaries in football.  Lockett has been the Seahawks best receiver, which means he will likely draw Rhodes.   This season, Rhodes is only giving up 8.7 fantasy points to opposing receivers.  He has only allowed 3 touchdowns all year.  It is unlikely that Tyler Lockett even puts up flex-worthy numbers.  For that reason, you definitely want to sit Tyler Lockett.

Start or Sit Alshon Jeffery at Dallas

Golden Tate being traded to the Eagles didn’t just hurt Kenny Golladay.  Since week 10, Alshon Jeffery’s fantasy value has been in a free-fall and I have no idea if it will ever recover.  Before the trade, Jeffery was averaging 14.5 points per game in half PPR leagues.  Since Tate became an Eagle, Jeffery is only averaging 5.5 points per game.  And those numbers are equally precipitous in all formats.  Add to that the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have given up the 2nd fewest fantasy points to opposing fantasy receivers and starting Alshon Jeffery seems downright irresponsible.  If you were counting on Alshon Jeffery to get you through the first round of your fantasy playoffs, don’t.  You want to sit Alshon Jeffery in week 14 or the only thing you’ll be counting are the fantasy points you left on your bench.  


These three are all solid receivers with terrible match-ups.  If you have to decide between this group, I would go with

  1. Kenny Golladay
  2. Tyler Lockett
  3. Alshon Jeffery

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