Fantasy Football Week 8: Start or Sit Diggs, Boyd, or Godwin?

Fantasy Football Week 8: Start or Sit Stefon Diggs, Tyler Boyd, or Chris Godwin?

It feels like the fantasy football season just started, but this is the last week where we can consider ourselves in the midgame. After this week, you’re entering the last third of your fantasy football regular season, and you have to start thinking of things on a week-to-week basis. Thankfully, we always think of you when considering our week-to-week propositions. Our goal is to help you make the hard start or sit decisions every week. We consider six players at all positions, helping you decide if you should start or sit them. Without further ado, in the first half of our start or sit wide receivers piece, we help you decide if you should start or sit Stefon Diggs, Tyler Boyd, or Chris Godwin?

Start or Sit Stefon Diggs versus New Orleans

Stefon Diggs is coming off the back of two extremely down games over the last couple of weeks. He’s totaled just 12.3 fantasy points in half-PPR against the Cardinals and the Jets, and he did it while the team around him won those games by a combined score of 64-34. There’s plenty going on around him, but he hasn’t gotten in on the party. Luckily, there’s a lot to like about Diggs turning it around this week against the Saints. He’s second on the team in air yards (nearly tripling the #3 guy). He also has at least ten targets in five of his last six games, and his 74 on the season is fifth overall. A lot of targets means a lot of production against a chump defense like New Orleans. Unless there’s a sudden miracle and Patrick Peterson gets his wish to join the Saints, it means a huge day for Diggs. That’s the SOP for players playing against “not Marshon Lattimore.” The Saints added Eli Apple, but I doubt that makes a huge difference for Diggs this weekend. If you want to suddenly start worrying about whether you should start or sit Stefon Diggs, don’t fret. Start him.

Start or Sit Tyler Boyd versus Tampa Bay

Tyler Boyd finally hit the wall in week seven against the Chiefs. More specifically, Andy Dalton vomited ginger ale all over himself and spilled some on Boyd’s shoes. Primetime Andy has an issue with overconsumption of the big time and tends to regurgitate. Thankfully, the NFL gods shoved the Bengals back into the “so packed we forgot about them” timeslot: 10 AM Pacific. That’s Dalton’s wheelhouse, with nobody looking at him. Boyd should get back to his 9+ targets per game he averaged in the five games prior. Against Tampa Bay, that’s all he’ll need, as they allow anyone to accrue massive fantasy points against them; Tyler Boyd, Michael Floyd, heck, pull out Brandon Lloyd. It doesn’t matter. Tyler Boyd had a down week last week, but he gets the fantasy mulligan, and if you’re considering whether you should start or sit Boyd this week, stick him back out there. Start him.

Start or Sit Chris Godwin at Cincinnati

I have a contractual obligation with the Godwin Estate to write about him at any given opportunity. While Mike Evans will get the bulk of the attention, Jameis Winston certainly has eyes for Godwin. Evans has seventeen targets in Jameis’ two starts, and Godwin has… sixteen. Deep shots to DeSean Jackson, predictably, give him the highest share of market yards. However, his magic pixie dust wore off and he converts just 40% of his air yards into actual yardage with Winston. The most efficient Bucs WR in that department? Not Mike Evans. Please tell me you can guess who it is because it would be really bad if you think I would bring up this stat if it wasn’t Godwin. Cincinnati is a league-average opposing defense, but it has given up 70+ yards or a touchdown to ten different wide receivers this year, which is more than one a game. With Jameis having eyes for Evans and Godwin in nearly equal proportion, lean on Godwin for a …divine victory. Have faith, if you need a WR3 or a flex this week, don’t fret about if you should start or sit Chris Godwin. Start him.

These guys are all good starts this week, but if you’re trying to describe who among them you should start or sit, I would personally go in this order:

  1. Stefon Diggs
  2. Tyler Boyd
  3. Chris Godwin

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