Your Personality Type Is: Kansas City Chiefs (The Royal Scout)

This comes up when I search for “royal scout,” so it’s safe to say every single person with this personality type also lives in this surprisingly low-lit room

First in line. First to raise their hand. First on the scene. Of course, that “scene” is a burning building they plan to loot, that “raised hand” is pulling down the person above them, and that “line” is a line of wounded soldiers they faked their way to the front of to helicopter out of the jungles of Vietnam. Yes it’s oddly specific, but deep down inside, all you Royal Scouts know it’s true.

The three words that best describe them are “eager and opportunistic.” Ironically, they spend so much time trying to get ahead with tricky schemes, they could probably succeed more if they just spent all their hard work going legit. The best job for this personality type is licensing out their caricature for sitcoms, especially if they resemble a spherical walrus.

These are also the FILO’s of the NFL personality type system, often hanging on until they are the last one around. Which is another cheap way to move ahead. Comedically, the Royal Scouts will often screw this up for themselves, either by wasting too much time trying to outpace the last other person in a post-dinner staring contest over who will pull out their wallet first, or by taking over 30 years to finally win a single game with a quarterback they drafted (look it up).

Because of their propensity to hurry ahead, they often find themselves alone. This can be difficult in their love lives, but even more difficult in their driving lives, as they sometimes get robbed while stepping out of their car. A shocking correlation, I know, but trust me I checked our actuarial tables and it’s true.

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