Your Personality Type Is: Tennessee Titans (The Volunteer Predator)

As a child, Volunteer Predators were uprooted from home and transported far away. They found the new culture jarringly different. Sure, they wore the same cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats, but their music was such a different form of country they found it practically incomprehensible. If you are this personality type and this doesn’t exactly describe your childhood, then consider the whole thing a metaphor. Once you do, you’ll find it shocking how accurately this personality type matches your life.

As such, there is a constantly fish-out-of-water feeling with this personality. Always finding their carefully-practiced plans breaking down, leaving them scrambling to meet ends. At times they may feel like strangers in their own body, their bones or ACLs never quite feeling in place. This can lead to a frantic, tragic life, but it’s not all bad news: It’s super funny to watch them get drunk at parties.

This (usually phantom) sense of not-belonging can cause them to project their insecurity onto various situations. They think they are always one step away from being called out as totally unqualified for their jobs, then being asked to pack up their things in a box and leave the hospital surgery ward.

Overall, this type finds itself most happy in charity work. Throwing themselves at a good cause is a great way to escape the soul-crushing meaninglessness of life, just ask Mother Teresa. Problem is, charity work doesn’t pay a lot unless they are really knowledgeable of the ins-and-outs of tax shelters. So they become monks and nuns. All of them. Stop fighting it.

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