Your Personality Type Is: Los Angeles Chargers (The Padre Shocker)

Hard working, head down. That’s the motto of this industrious and resourceful personality type. As such, it’s not unusual for them to look around after decades of dedication and realize that, despite remarkable achievements, their home just feels… empty. Sure there are some people living in it, but are they really on your side, or are they just tourists? The world can feel like it’s all eyes on them, but they don’t know if the world is cheering them on or booing their progress. So they just… keep their head down.

This type has a penchant for world travel. In fact, they often feel like they are on the road even when they are at home. It is a natural progression from this that Padre Shockers don’t like being involved in anything bigger than day-to-day operations. This is mainly due to a fear of realizing how much of a farce their entire existence looks when seen through a wide-angle lens, and partially because they are too busy taking care of their 9 kids. Everyone with this personality type has exactly 9 kids so if you’re an old, childless Padre Socker, get ready to have an enormous amount of relationships with young, nubile women. Unless you are an old, female, spinster Padre Socker, in which case get ready to adopt 9 children at gunpoint when a determined personality-quiz writer finally tracks you down.

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