Dez Bryant’s Best Destination is a Familiar One

The Dallas Cowboys cut their mercurial wide receiver Dez Bryant on Friday. An endless torrent of spilled pixels and uttered syllables followed. They all had their own genius ideas on his destination. The Packers? The Giants? Washington? Cleveland? Dez has been tied to numerous teams around the league, but in reality, only one team makes sense for Dez Bryant, for a multitude of reasons: the Dallas Cowboys. It’s strange but true.

Dez Stays in the NFC East
Dez stated in multiple interviews and tweets since the Cowboys cut him that he has a desire to stay in the NFC East. He reportedly told the Cowboys that he would see them, “twice a year.” Presumably, he thinks that he can make the Cowboys regret cutting him twice a year. If he signs with them, he gets a full sixteen-game slate to make sure they regret ever releasing him from that contract. Make ‘em pay, Dez!

Depth Chart
Unfortunately, the Cowboys recently cut megastar wide receiver Dez Bryant. While this is the correct thing for them to do for the locker room stability, it left an unfortunate hole in their wide receiver depth chart. They have Allen Hurns, and a whole bunch of #3 and #4 wide receivers. It’s bleak behind Allen Hurns, and Hurns doesn’t exactly scream “#1 wide receiver,” either. The depth chart is perfect for them to slide a wide receiver like Dez on top. It just makes sense, depth chart-wise.

Cap Space
By cutting their talented, but highly paid controversial wide receiver Dez Bryant, the Cowboys have created the perfect cap situation to sign a top-flight wide receiver. With all the other receivers already off the market, the Cowboys making a power move for Bryant will work out best financially for both parties involved. Dez can maximize his payment with a potential contender, which makes sense. The Cowboys can use the cap space available to them based on Dak Prescott’s depressed value non-first-round rookie contract. It just makes sense, financially.

He Can Stick it to His Cowboys Detractors
Dez’s tweets and interviews since the Cowboys released him indicate there is a certain amount of animosity between Dez and the greater Cowboys organization, including Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott. What, then, could he do to best stick it to the Cowboys organization that left him on the side of the road? How about a little thing called “sign with the Cowboys organization that left him on the side of the road.” Dak and Garrett don’t want him around. They say his route tree is underdeveloped and his over-reliance on his declining physicality indicate that any team that signs him would be silly to expect top receiver production out of him. Well, Dez can prove them right, and he can do it in a Cowboys uniform. Dak and Garrett would absolutely hate that. That’ll show them!

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