Your Personality Type Is: Houston Texans (The Astro Dynamo Rocket)

As their name implies, Astro Dynamo Rockets hate inertia. If this personality type was a Saturday morning cartoon, their arch enemy would be Captain Boredom. That actually might not make for a good cartoon. But what would make a good cartoon is anything that cuts fast enough to keep the attention-span-depleted minds of these types occupied for even a few minutes. Hanging out with these people is the most fun, especially on amphetamines. Living with these people is the least fun, especially on amphetamines.

What sets this type apart from a five-year-old kid excitedly chained in the back of an ice cream truck is foresight. Astro Dynamo Rockets live in perpetual fear of being bored, so they are constantly looking towards the future. Their liquor cabinets are always stocked. In addition, they frequently have several ideas for future plans in the works, that way if something falls through they have a backup.

Because of their never-stop-moving nature, it is not unusual for this type to get injured. In fact, when you think of an Astro Dynamo Rocket, picture an amazingly talented athlete sitting in a cast on the sideline. Naturally, this can lead to extreme anxiety. This type often turns to food for stress releif, especially red light foods like ice cream (have to have at least 3 different flavors stocked to make sure you always have the “right” one). Like how a real rocket in a tailspin can spiral out of control, it’s not unusual for an Astro Dynamo Rocket to spiral into diabetes.

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