Your Personality Type Is: Baltimore Ravens (The Oriole Blast)

I know this doesn’t really represent the “Blast” part, but don’t worry: I fired a shotgun at it after taking this picture.

Like the Pelican Wave personality type, the Baltimore personality is best described as a giant wall of attacking birds. Oriole Blasts have a great devotion to rules and order. Often called the perfectionist (but not in a flattering way), this type is perfect for jobs where every little thing has to be just right. Great when they are doing structural analysis of a bridge, not so great when they are taking an hour to pair a gas station wine with their chicken fingers.

Naturally, the Oriole Blast is often found in positions of power. Their obsession with diligence leads to frequent promotions all the way to the top (middle manager). When your request gets denied because you didn’t include your middle name on the paperwork, you just got Oriole Blasted.

This type does best in a position where they can criticize everything. Every old person currently residing on this planet is this personality type. One great thing about them is that they are often the first to stand up against bad leadership, and their neat-and-clean life often inspires others to follow. Unfortunately, once the old regime is unseated and this type takes the throne, everyone is at risk for a barrage of “helpful suggestions.”

Another issue with this type is that they often fall in love with statistical aberrations. Someone does something amazing once, like washes their hands before going back to work at a Mexican restaurant, and the Oriole Blast rewards them with a $120.6 million contract.

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