Your Personality Type Is: Pittsburgh Steelers (The Pirate Penguin)

Like their sea-born counterparts, Pirate Penguins are self-made individuals. They set their own rules, go against the grain, and often meet their lofty dreams. Unfortunately, these “dreams” are usually pretty mundane, like “get a career” or “don’t punch anybody, today.” As such, they are often seen as kings and queens sitting high on their throne perched atop a trash dump.

Sure, sometimes when you pair up with a Pirate Penguin, they take you to the top of the mountain. But sometimes that mountain is an enormous pile of empty Steel Reserve cans in a dumpster. Sometimes they even put the dumpster on Air BnB. So, it’s always important to clearly outline expectations with Pirate Penguins, such as where you are going, what you will do there, and how long you will have to be in the fetal position in a cold shower afterward.

These delusions of grandeur blanket everything this personality type does. This often causes them to announce annoyingly short-sighted plans, like running a marathon or retiring. As such, this tends to create a boy-who-cried-wolf effect, where coworkers and friends will often ignore any plans. It’s unfortunate, because when this personality type actually follows through with a plan, great and weird things can happen.

In fact, these flaws are not due to narcissism, but simply not paying attention. Coloring outside the lines, buying one item when it’s BOGO, crashing into a tree while trying to roll a cigarette while driving. These are the ways of life that Pirate Penguins decide it’s better to embrace early on, rather than sharpening their focus. Which is also why there’s always at least one part of their life that is a mess, one injury away from disaster.

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