Your Personality Type Is: New York Jets (The Met Net)

See? It’s a real thing, and a science one at that. Let this put to rest any accusations that this personality quiz isn’t founded upon hard research from a conglomerate of leading academic nations

This type is a trend setter. Leave the logic work to the eggheads, there are trails to blaze! As such, Met Nets are free thinkers, creative, and resourceful. When you have a ten minute recess and need a bong made just using stuff in a courtroom, this is whom you turn to.

You can always recognize this personality type, because they will be the loudest voice when you enter a room. Therein lies the hook and the crook to the Mets Nets: They are always intense, whether it is needed or not. That’s not to say they can’t make a party happen: They possess the combination of assertiveness and social awareness to move mountains when it comes to event planning.

All of these traits lead people to mistakenly peg this type as an all-around good leader. In fact, they tend to do poorly when heading up projects, due to a lack of diligence. Rather than make sure the basics are taken care of, Met Nets charge ahead towards their goal, sometimes with no more forethought than “hey, let’s do something different!”

A couple more things about Mets Nets that sour people: They tend to debate things, always double checking and playing Devil’s advocate, which is a horrible board game. It is supreme irony that someone so exacting with their peers is so sloppy with their own details. 90% of people’s dads are probably this type.

Not happy with your results? Take the quiz again. This time be either more or less honest.

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