Your Personality Type Is: New York Giants (The Island Ranger)

Island Rangers have a noble sense of duty… at least more than the rest of us slackers. They are loyal to a fault, and they love sharing successes with friends. Island Rangers often get invited to parties, but even more often get asked to pick up someone else’s work so they can go to a party.

That said, this personality type can be the most short-sighted. A lifetime of doing routine jobs has led to an inability to step back and solve a problem by looking at all the parts. This personality type usually gets made fun of for having an incredibly baffled-looking resting face.

Every stag night or girls night out needs a kind Ranger. They are quick to go along with the gang, very rules-oriented, but will get physical with any dangerous ruffians. This personality type tends to value tradition and security. Needless to say, it takes little encouragement to get Island Rangers aboard a bandwagon.

This type can appear among all kinds of political and socio-economic backgrounds. Everywhere has a mule who keeps their head down their entire life. Because of this metaphorical equine relationship, Island Rangers can drink the most beer.

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