Your Personality Type Is: Chicago Bears (The Bull Cub)

The Bull Cub got it’s name from the now-extinct gay community. At least, I assume they’re extinct, because if the task of making gay jokes has fallen all the way to me, then there must be no one left with any qualifications.

Rules and order have always taken a back seat to bright lights and big glitz. Unfortunately, that’s why you didn’t notice that you haven’t actually achieved anything of note in 30 years.

Luckily, moving fast enough where you never have to examine where you are is your essence. You’re always chasing that next experience, that next risk, that next high. That can mean anything from impulsively hiring a cigarette-smoking bad boy and putting them in charge to impulsively firing a cigarette-smoking bad boy after they failed to run your company right for 8 years. You keep it exciting.

Naturally, as the years wore on, your goals changed from “keep it thrilling,” to “never slow down, never be deprived, feel no pain.” This has made you the non-cartographic version of, “a nice place to visit, but we wouldn’t want to live there.” As a casual friend you are the most popular: There’s always something exciting going on in your life. However, when things get hard, you fly.

Bull Cubs are the ultimate idea people. `Cats: The Musical’ was definitely the brainchild of a Bull Cub, unfortunately so was the Superman movie. Any Superman movie. They are the ones who have the original vision that becomes unparalleled success, even if it’s not them who ultimately put up the follow-through to make their dreams real.

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