Your Personality Type Is: Los Angeles Rams (King of the Galaxy)

Kings of the Galaxy never forget. More like Elephants of the Galaxy, right? Oh, no, wait: Elephants are the elephants of the Galaxy. Anyway, Kings of the Galaxy hold a grudge bad, for decades.

You’d think that absence would make the heart grow fonder, or at least not shrivel up into a prune pit. But it seems like it’s all about the chase for Kings of the Galaxy: As soon as they get whatever thing it is that they lost all that time ago, they seem to give up any appreciation for having it.

Kings of the Galaxy tend to be high-functioning, and have a lot of material successes to counterbalance their dearth of interpersonal ones. It doesn’t help that you regularly put trust in someone that’s not-so-great at managing things.

In a metaphorical nutshell, Kings of the Galaxy are like a full trophy case sealed off with cold, heartless glass. As high-performing as Hollywood, but as spiritually empty as St. Louis. Or Hollywood, I guess, the metaphors don’t have to be exclusive they just have to be sad.

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