Black Monday Recap — I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

Black Monday

The NFL regular season is over and a lot of teams are disappointed.  When NFL teams are disappointed, coaches get fired.  Black Monday marks the end of the NFL season for teams that were not good enough to make the playoffs.  A lot of teams are looking for answers as to why they were bad and firing coaches is the easy answer.  But why should we trust these teams to make the right decision when it comes to firing coaches.  These are bad teams.  None of their choices can be trusted.  So let’s look at why this Black Monday, all the wrong coaches were fired!

Arizona Cardinals

I know that Bruce Arians technically retired but let’s be real about this.  If you surround an old guy with other old guys like Carson Palmer and Adrian Peterson, of course he is going to think it’s time with retire.  Maybe a little youth on that roster would have made the former NFL coach of the year feel young enough to keep coaching.

Chicago Bears

John Fox has a history of turning teams around quickly.  The Chicago Bears have a history of being terrible at football.  I think it is irresponsible to blame John For for not being able to turn around the Chicago Bears.  It seems more appropriate to blame the Bears for ruining John Fox.

Detroit Lions

Jim Caldwell has had the best winning percentage of any Lions head coach over the last 50 years.   After having his second winning season in a row, the Detroit Lions decided to fire Caldwell.  Detroit has a long and storied history rooted in abject failure.  By firing Caldwell one can only assume that the Lions are trying to get back to their roots.

Indianapolis Colts

Sometimes when dealing an illness, you have to take stock of all the choices you have made in your life.   Unfortunately for Colts fans, Jim Irsay is a man of few regrets.  It is easy to blame Chuck Pagano for not winning, but the man has been actively sabotaged by management throughout his tenure.  Unfortunately, so long as Irsay is in charge, being a fan of the Indianapolis Colts is terminal.

Oakland Raiders

Last year, the Oakland Raiders convinced us that they were finally a competent team and were well on their way to having sustained success in the NFL.  They had a franchise quarterback and had their first playoff appearance in almost 20 years.  A year later, after missing the playoffs due to some untimely injuries and some coaching decision, Mark Davis proved he is his father’s son and fired one of the more well-respected coaching staffs in football for some magic beans.  I like that the Raider’s are preparing for their move to Vegas by gambling away the hopes of the franchise.

New York Giants


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