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Robert Woods Los Angeles Rams

It’s that time of year once again! Football Absurdity will bring you a breakdown of every notable fantasy football-relevant player throughout June, July, and August. We continue with the wide receivers. Today, we take a look at a wide receiver who went from the Super Bowl Champions to the team that finished the regular season in first place in the AFC. Now that Robert Woods is a Tennessee Titan, what should we expect from him in our fantasy football leagues? Let’s take a look at his 2022 fantasy football player profile!

Robert Woods ADP and AAV:

Average Draft Position: WR42, 103 overall
Average Auction Value: $1.4

Robert Woods Statistics:
Year G GS Tgt Rec Yards TD Tgt/G Rec/G Rec% Yds/Tgt Yds/Rec
2021 9 9 69 45 556 4 7.67 5.00 65.2% 8.06 12.36
2020 16 16 129 90 936 6 8.06 5.63 69.8% 7.26 10.40
2019 15 15 139 90 1134 2 8.69 5.63 64.7% 8.16 12.60
Year Std Pts HPPR Pts PPR Pts Pts/G HPPR Pts/G PPR Pts/G Pts/Tgt HPPR Pts/Tgt PPR Pts/Tgt
2021 92.2 114.7 137.2 10.2 12.7 15.2 1.34 1.66 1.99
2020 155.1 200.1 245.1 9.7 12.5 15.3 1.20 1.55 1.90
2019 142.9 187.9 232.9 9.5 12.5 15.5 1.03 1.35 1.68
Year Air Yards aDOT YAC YAC/Tgt YAC/Rec AYMS Tgt MS
2021 563 8.2 198 2.87 4.40 21% 22%
2020 901 6.9 497 3.82 5.52 24% 24%
2019 1175 8.5 576 4.14 6.40 25% 23%
2022 Robert Woods Fantasy Football Overview:

Robert Woods was supposed to be better than he was in 2021, unfortunately, there wasn’t much left for him after Cooper Kupp took over the receiving game to the tune of over 1,900 receiving yards. Still, after finishing as WR18 in fantasy points per game in 2020, he finished a truly awful WR19 in fantasy points per game in 2021. Unfortunately, he did it in just nine games, as he tore his ACL in practice between weeks nine and ten. The good news there is that it has given him plenty of time to recover for the regular season (and all indications are that he will be fine).

So, we have Robert Woods moving from one of the most pass-happy offenses in the NFL to one of the least pass-happy ones. But, he has a real chance to snag the WR1 spot there thanks to the early struggles suffered by rookie Treylon Burks thanks to his asthma flaring up. And, as we’ve seen, the WR1 role in Tennessee is one where Robert Woods can flourish. While Woods is 30 and doesn’t carry A.J. Brown’s upside, he’s still sneakily one of the more versatile wide receivers in the NFL, averaging more than a rush attempt per game over his last four seasons. That should give him a ton of upside as they add the Robert Woods Sweep to the A.J.-Brown-Turned-Treylon-Burks boxout, the Derrick Henry barrel through, and Ryan Tannehill bootleg on the goal line.

I’m not particularly worried about the step-down from Matthew Stafford to Ryan Tannehill. After all, in three seasons with Jared Goff, Robert Woods averaged 6 catches and a carry for 79 yards per game. Granted, he’s 30 now, and he has a new quarterback, but the skillset is still all there.

2022 Robert Woods Fantasy Football Draft Strategy:

Robert Woods Salary Cap Value: $1
Draft Ranking: Find out for your league settings in a Beersheet!

2022 Robert Woods Fantasy Football Draft Strategy:

While the skillset remains, the respect does not. Robert Woods, thanks to going from a team with the third-most pass attempts last year to the team with the seventh-fewest, and thanks to going from Matthew Stafford to Ryan Tannehill, and thanks to tearing his ACL (and being 30), has fallen way too far in fantasy football drafts. He’s WR42 (pick 103) by ADP, and is just $1.4 by average salary cap draft value. Both of those, given his upside as a top-20 wide receiver in each of the last two seasons, are perfect points to reach in and snag Woods as an upside bench play. He goes after Russell Gage, and before Chase Claypool, so you probably want to wait until he drops into the Christian Kirk range, but he’s in the “he was good in 2020 and we hope he can be good in 2022 but we have questions” bucket alongside Claypool, Michael Thomas, and Brandon Aiyuk, who all go between WR38 and WR46.

Best Case Scenario:

Robert Woods fends off Treylon Burks and finishes as the WR1 in Tennessee and a WR2 on your fantasy football team.

Worst Case Scenario:

Robert Woods and Derrick Henry miscommunicate presnap, and Robert Woods runs a jet sweep right into a charging Henry, turning him into a fine pink mist. He’s still a better receiving option for Tennessee than Nick Westbrook-Ikhine.

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[Statistics are sourced from pro-football-reference.com, airyards.com, and ftnfantasy.com]

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