2021 Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Player Profile

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It’s that time of year once again! Football Absurdity will bring you a breakdown of every notable fantasy football-relevant player throughout June, July, and August. We start off with the quarterbacks. Kirk Cousins isn’t exactly the player you think of when you think of a top-12 fantasy football quarterback. But, 2020 Kirk Cousins might have just bucked that trend. Can 2021 Kirk Cousins build on what his past iteration built?

2021 Kirk Cousins ADP & AAV:

Average Draft Position: QB17, Pick 143
Average Auction Value: $1.4 (T-QB17)

Kirk Cousins Statistics
Year G GS Att Comp Comp% Yds TD Int Att/G Comp/G Yds/G TD/G INT/G
2020 16 16 516 349 67.6% 4265 35 13 32.3 21.8 266.6 2.2 0.8
2019 15 15 444 307 69.1% 3603 26 6 29.6 20.5 240.2 1.7 0.4
2018 16 16 606 425 70.1% 4298 30 10 37.9 26.6 268.6 1.9 0.6
Year 4 PPTD 6 PPTD 4 PPTD/G 6 PPTD/G Year Rush Ru Yds Ru TD YPC Ru Att/G Ru Yd/G
2020 306.2 376.2 19.1 23.51 2020 32 156 1 4.9 2.0 9.8
2019 244.4 296.4 16.3 19.76 2019 31 63 1 2.0 2.1 4.2
2018 282.1 342.1 17.6 21.38 2018 44 123 1 2.8 2.8 7.7
Year Air Yards aDOT aDOT+ Y/A TD% INT% Sacks Yds/Sack
2020 4051 7.84 0.11 8.27 6.8% 2.5% 39 6.56
2019 3374 7.60 -0.58 8.11 5.9% 1.4% 28 7.36
2018 4363 7.20 -0.98 7.09 5.0% 1.7% 40 6.55

aDOT+ is the quarterback’s average depth of target compared to the league average

2021 Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Overview:

Kirk Cousins finally put it all together in 2020, and finished the year with the eighth-most passing yards, the sixth-most touchdowns and… the eleventh-most fantasy points. That’s sort of how it goes when you’re a non-rushing quarterback in today’s NFL. Either you’re Tom Brady and you completely bomb it out, and claw your way into the top-seven quarterbacks, or you’re just exceptionally good and you end up barely a QB1 in fantasy football circles.

That’s the Kirk Cousins Zone. He’s pretty good, and he has Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and Dalvin Cook at his disposal. But, his entire rushing output in his three seasons as a Viking comes out to 342 yards. If he had all those rushing yards in just 2020, it would have ranked tenth. The upside just isn’t there for Cousins since he doesn’t have rushing skills in his overall profile.

2021 Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Draft Strategy:

Kirk Cousins Auction Value: $3
Draft Ranking: Want rankings tailored to your league settings in a Beersheet? (coming early July)

I like Kirk Cousins in 2QB leagues, however. He’s not a sexy upside play, but he’s just a steady guy with two strong wide receivers in Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. If you’re in a 2QB league, getting Kirk Cousins at QB17 feels like a steal; he doesn’t have the upside to be a top-eight guy, so he’s nearly useless for 1QB leagues, but he shines in 2QB leagues. My goal in those leagues (if I don’t have a top-three pick) is to end up with two guys in the QB10-QB15 range. That’s the sweet spot for expenditure versus output. I feel like that’s Kirk Cousins’ wheelhouse this year.

That’s pretty much it with Cousins, and his evaluation shows the difference between 1QB and 2QB league calculus. In your standard 1QB league, I have zero interest in Cousins. In a 2QB league, he feels like a priority for me, given his ADP and overall skill set.

Best Case Scenario:

Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen continue their hot streak, and Irv Smith is everything we hope and ream he will be. Kirk Cousins finishes as QB10.

Worst Case Scenario:

Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and Irv Smith all bust. Kirk Cousins barely scrapes by, and ends the year as QB15.

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[Statistics are sourced from pro-football-reference.com, airyards.com, and ftnfantasy.com]

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