2021 Ryan Tannehill Fantasy Football Player Profile

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It’s that time of year once again! Football Absurdity will bring you a breakdown of every notable fantasy football-relevant player throughout June, July, and August. We start off with the quarterbacks. We continue our run through the NFL QBs with a severely underrated quarterback in Tennessee. What can we expect from 2021 Ryan Tannehill for our fantasy football leagues?

2021 Ryan Tannehill ADP & AAV:

Average Draft Position: QB13, Pick 92
Average Auction Value: $2.6 (QB11)

Ryan Tannehill Statistics
Year G GS Att Comp Comp% Yds TD Int Att/G Comp/G Yds/G TD/G INT/G
2020 16 16 481 315 65.5% 3819 33 7 30.1 19.7 238.7 2.1 0.4
2019 12 10 286 201 70.3% 2742 22 6 23.8 16.8 228.5 1.8 0.5
2018 11 11 274 176 64.2% 1979 17 9 24.9 16.0 179.9 1.5 0.8
Year 4 PPTD 6 PPTD 4 PPTD/G 6 PPTD/G Year Rush Ru Yds Ru TD YPC Ru Att/G Ru Yd/G
2020 343.4 409.4 21.5 25.59 2020 43 266 7 6.2 2.7 16.6
2019 224.2 268.2 18.7 22.35 2019 43 185 4 4.3 3.6 15.4
2018 142 176 12.9 16.00 2018 32 145 0 4.5 2.9 13.2
Year Air Yards aDOT aDOT+ Y/A TD% INT% Sacks Yds/Sack
2020 3985 8.28 0.55 7.94 6.9% 1.5% 24 7.21
2019 2717 9.50 1.32 9.59 7.7% 2.1% 31 6.84
2018 2219 8.10 -0.08 7.22 6.2% 3.3% 35 7.97

aDOT+ is the quarterback’s average depth of target compared to the league average

2021 Ryan Tannehill Fantasy Football Overview:

At this point, I’m not quite sure what Ryan Tannehill needs to do to get the respect and recognition he deserves. H’s the QB7 since he took over for Marcus Mariota partway through the 2019 season, and has done nothing but produce. He’s a multitalented runner, producing the most efficient quarterback TD conversion rate in each of the last two years. Tannehill doesn’t run as much as other guys, but when he does, he makes sure it’s into the end zone or at a point that he will go a long way.

He’s not just a rusher, either. In 2020, according to playerprofiler, he was top-six in yards per attempt, catchable pass rate and true passer rating. He’s become one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league, and having A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry certainly helps matters. Adding Julio Jones would have bumped any other quarterback up into the top-seven at the position, but he still carries the stink of the Miami Dolphins years, even though he served under Adam Gase.

The knock on Tannehill is that he doesn’t throw the ball enough. He doesn’t need to throw the ball as much as other quarterbacks, since the Titans led the entire NFL in 50+ yard pass plays. Why upgrade a guy who has five ten-yard plays and downgrade the guy with one fifty yard play. It simply makes no sense.

2021 Ryan Tannehill Fantasy Football Draft Strategy:

Ryan Tannehill Auction Value: $5
Draft Ranking: Want rankings tailored to your league settings in a Beersheet? (coming early July)

Go get Ryan Tannehill; you won’t regret it. Tannehill is going in the middle rounds as the last quarterback I feel comfortable having as my starter, and could be a league winner at his average draft position. He’s been one of the best quarterbacks over the last two seasons, but he hasn’t been a sexy name, so he slips. He’s going behind four game wonder Jalen Hurts, which is a mistake, as well as statue in quarterback form, Tom Brady, which is also a mistake. Brady doesn’t run, and Tannehill does. That right there should be enough of a tiebreaker for you to go for Tannehill over Brady.

Tannehill is a case of not checking your draft grade from your provider of choice; he’s not projected to do a lot this year, and he’s not a sexy pick. So, the algorithms don’t like him, and will likely call him a weakness for you. He’s not a weakness; he’s been one of the best quarterbacks to have since Tennessee put him under center. Now he’s getting the best cast of characters he’s ever had, and is ready to potentially step into the top six at the position. He has all the platoon of an upside guy without the downside. He’s good, and should be on your fantasy football rosters.

Best Case Scenario:

Derrick Henry adds a pass-catching element to his game, A.J. Brown takes a step forward, and Julio Jones finishes the season as a superpowered version of Corey Davis in last year’s offense. This would propel Ryan Tannehill into the Russell Wilson range in 2022 fantasy football drafts.

Worst Case Scenario:

Everybody is right, and the Titans somehow don’t pass a lot while not maintaining their sixth-best 2020 yards per pass attempt (7.6 yards per attempt). Ryan Tannehill forgets how to run, and he finishes QB15.

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[Statistics are sourced from pro-football-reference.com, airyards.com, and ftnfantasy.com]

[Header Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8c/Ryan_Tannehill_2019_10-13.jpg under CC-SA 4.0]


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