Black Monday 2021: The Only Thing Worse Than These Coaches Are the Teams That Fired Them!

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The NFL regular season is over and heads are already rolling. When NFL teams miss the playoffs, NFL teams fire head coaches. Black Monday 2021 marks the end of many an illustrious coaching career. And also Adam Gase. Teams are looking for the reason why they were bad and firing coaches is the easy answer. But why should we trust these teams to make the right decision when it comes to firing coaches? These are bad teams with bad front offices and even worse owners. This means that you can’t trust their choices. So let’s look at why this Black Monday (or sometime during the 2020 season), teams fired all the wrong people!

Atlanta Falcons Fire Dan Quinn

The first head to roll in the 2020 season was former Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn. Fun fact, Dan Quinn is tied with Dan Reeves for the best playoff record in franchise history. We can unequivocally say that no coach in the history of this storied franchise has played a better 40 minutes of football in the Super Bowl than Dan Quinn. And how do they repay him? By making him the first coach fired in 2020.

Houston Texans Fire Bill O’Brien

When you hire a gourmet chef, you need to let him pick his own ingredients. What you shouldn’t do is let him rearrange the kitchen, change the organizational structure of the staff, and then fire him when he almost has everything he needs to succeed. In less than a year, Bill O’Brien was able to turn DeAndre Hopkins, Jadeveon Clowney, 2 first-round picks, 2 second-round picks, and some more assorted picks and players into NFL stars like Barkevious Mingo and Gareon Conley. I think we’ve all lost something in not allowing Bill O’Brien to achieve his vision of the perfect NFL roster.

Detroit Lions Fire Matt Patricia

How can anyone look at the Detroit Lions and think Matt Patricia is the reason they failed. Matt Patricia was an integral part of a winning culture with the New England Patriots. Then he came to Detroit. For some reason, everyone was surprised that Patricia couldn’t put a successful NFL defense together with the likes of Danny Shelton, Christian Jones, and Amani Horatio Oruwariye, then getting upset when they aren’t a fantastic defense. Matt Patricia is a rocket scientist. William Clay Ford’s family bought the Lions for him so he wouldn’t screw up the Ford Motor Company. Yet somehow, we are supposed to believe that it is Patricia’s fault the Lions are terrible.

New York Jets Fire Adam Gase

It is easy to pile on Adam Gase, but have you considered that the only thing worse than Adam Gase is the New York Jets. Adam Gase went to the New York Jets on Peyton Manning’s recommendation. The same Peyton Manning that chose to stay at Tennessee for his senior year of college rather than be drafted by the Jets. Imagine for a moment that there is a car on fire with Adam Gase and the New York Jets inside, and Peyton Manning could only save one. Is there any doubt that the New York Jets would burn like a New Jersey tire fire? The Jets need to take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves – what would Peyton do?

Los Angeles Chargers Fire Anthony Lynn

Anthony Lynn was one of the most beloved coaches in the NFL. In this past season, Lynn has helped develop soon-to-be NFL offensive rookie of the year Justin Herbert. What has the Chargers organization done besides stab Tyrod Taylor through the lung? The Chargers medical staff has the top leechers of the 1890s, yet are constantly surprised when their roster can’t handle the rigors of an NFL season. It’s easy to blame Anthony Lynn for failing if you forget what team he coaches!

Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Doug Marrone

Doug Marrone benched Gardner Minshew. He needed to go. I’m not saying the Jacksonville Jaguars are right. I’m saying there are no right parties. Although, if the Jaguars were serious about disciplining Doug Marrone, they would’ve made him stay in Jacksonville.


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