Tight End Sleeper List Fantasy Football Week 16: Putting Cole in Your Stocking

Cole Kmet Chicago Bears Tight End Sleeper

We made it, folks! It’s the fantasy football finals, and it’s time for our final edition of tight end sleepers. What a crazy year it was, with the Titans being the worst team on earth for COVID-19 issues, until it turned out everyone did the same exact stuff! Now, we’ve made it all the way through the season and it’s time for the fantasy football finals. Like every other week of the year, we are here to help with some tight end sleepers. To qualify as a tight end sleeper, a player must be unrostered in at least 50% of Yahoo! leagues. For deep league players, we provide one tight end sleeper available in at least 90% of leagues.

Tight End Sleeper Option #1:
Austin Hooper at N.Y. Jets (50% rostered)

Austin Hooper is the smash tight end stream this week, and yes I said the same thing yesterday about Baker Mayfield during the quarterback version of this article. The New York Jets are the 2020 version of the 2019 Arizona Cardinals free space for tight ends. They allow an additional half-PPR point per game compared to the second-place team (the Browns) and that includes games against the Patriots and the Cardinals this year wherein no tight end had a target.

They’ve allowed a whopping seven tight end touchdowns in their last five games, and 13 touchdowns in the 11 games tight ends notched any statistics against them. They’re a cure for what ails ya, and Austin Hooper could use a bit of their medicine. He ended Sunday Night Football with a 5/41/1 line in week fifteen, but since his week ten return from injury, it’s been tough sledding for the Browns tight end pickup. In that span, he has just 13 receptions for 122 yards and two touchdowns on 17 targets.

Tight End Sleeper Option #2:
Dalton Schultz versus Philadelphia (19% rostered)

I think Dalton Schultz is just a free space in good matchups at this point. He gets the target volume (more than Mike Gesicki and Rob Gronkowski) and is in the tight end middle class. He averages just about 4/40 “you can’t be mad” threshold, so you’re chasing touchdowns with Schultz. Schultz scored last week against the 49ers, taking advantage of what was actually a bad matchup for tight ends. The Eagles are a good tight end matchup, giving up touchdowns or fifty yards to each of the last three tight ends to get at least four targets against them.

Deep League Tight End Sleeper Option:
Cole Kmet at Jacksonville (10% rostered)

The transition is complete: Cole Kmet played 100% of the Bears’ offensive snaps last week, with Jimmy Graham reaching his fourth-straight game at under 60% of the snaps. Despite the touchdown two weeks ago, this is now Cole Kmet’s tight end room. This week, Kmet and the Bears get the swirling-the-drain Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags are hoping to not blow their Trevor Lawrence inside position, so I don’t expect a huge fight. Even if they did give up a fight, they’ve given up four tight end touchdowns in the last four games, and a touchdown to the position in eight of their last ten games. If you were a naughty boy or girl and you get this Cole this weekend, you should thank Santa.

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